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Cultural Workers Join CSEA,  Spark a Movement in NY

In 2023, hundreds of new CSEA members were among 84,000 people across the country working in museums, zoos, aquariums, libraries and cultural centers who joined unions and bargained with their employers for a contract with real guarantees like better pay, better benefits and better working conditions.

Coming together as a union is a proven path to hold employers accountable and fix things like low wages and unnecessary turnover. For too long, systemic issues have sown dissatisfaction and low morale, but right here in NY, we have begun building power at work, reclaiming respect and dignity on the job. We now sit at the table where decisions are made and solve issues they can't fix without us. We are bringing the focus back to what matters— our work, our communities, education and engagement at our facilities.

CSEA Organizing

Are you unhappy on the job? • Are your bosses not listening? • Are you concerned about safety for yourself and others? • Is your pay low for the work you do? • Do you have little or no real benefits? • Are you worried about retirement? • Would you like to make your workplace better for everyone? Maybe it’s time to organize a Union at your workplace!

Please note: CSEA Organizing staff are trained to keep all conversations about organizing your workplace completely confidential, so no one need be concerned about retaliation.

Need a Union at your workplace?

Don’t Agonize. Organize.

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