Safety and health training is proven to save lives, reduce workplace injuries and prevent occupational illnesses.  Training is a fundamental part of worker protection.  Employers are required by law to provide safety and health training for their employees, depending on the industry and the hazards employees are exposed to will dictate the type and level of training required.  CSEA locals and unit have access to a broad array of training topics through the “area Occupational Safety and Health Specialist” at no cost.

CSEA Staff are able to deliver training on the following topics:

  • Safety and Health Committee Training: For CSEA unit, local and regional safety and health committees.
  • Workplace Violence: For CSEA local or unit labor management committees responsible for all aspects of the workplace violence prevention law.
  • Work Zone Safety: CSEA offers temporary traffic control, flagger and all-hazards training for road workers.
  • Safe Trash Collection: For CSEA members who are required to pick-up trash or other debris.
  • Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response: CSEA can provide training at the First Responder Awareness Level.
  • Ergonomics: CSEA has several comprehensive ergonomics programs which cover the health care industry, safe computer use and industrial ergonomics.
  • OSHA 10-Hour training: For both general industry and construction.
  • Custom programs upon request: With years of practical hands-on experience, the CSEA OSH Department can deliver programs on almost any topic area, including Indoor Air Quality, Accident Investigation, Analyzing Injury Data, Asbestos and Infectious Diseases for statewide, regional, local or unit workshops, conferences and meetings.

Contact your OSH Specialist for more information.