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Pearl Insurance

Pearl Insurance has been CSEA’s exclusively endorsed provider of voluntary insurance programs for over 80 years. These plans are designed specifically to help protect CSEA Members and their families. Visit to find your local representative or call 1-877-VIP-CSEA to speak with an insurance representative.

Term Life Insurance:

There are two CSEA Sponsored Group Term Life plans available: Basic and Premier. This gives you options so that you can find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Members can apply for up to $250,000 in coverage, spouses/domestic partner up to $150,000, and dependent children up to $10,000 (eligible to enroll up to age 26). Rates for Term Life insurance are based on five-year age bands; so your premium is determined by your age. Also, new Members who apply within 180 days of joining CSEA are eligible to enroll for up to $50,000 in coverage without answering any medical questions.

Disability and Accident Insurance:

The CSEA Sponsored Group Disability Insurance Plan provides monthly benefits if you are unable to work due to sickness or accident — from an on-the-job accident to a bad case of the flu. In short, it provides protection for your paycheck and pays in addition to sick time, Workers Comp and any other insurances you may have — there are no off-sets. The plan has been enhanced with a Compassionate Care Benefit for a qualifying FMLA event and Optional Spouse Accident-Only Disability coverage. Get up to $1,500 for Clerical employees or $1,200 for Non-Clerical employees in monthly benefits without answering any medical questions.

The CSEA Sponsored Group Comprehensive Accident Protection Insurance Plan provides three different accidental coverages under one plan: “Accident Hospital Indemnity, Accident Disability Income and Accidental Death.” CAP can help protect you from the potential financial hardships an accident may cause. Acceptance is guaranteed for eligible members and spouses/domestic partners with no medical exam or health questions.

Permanent Life Insurance

CSEA Sponsored Group Whole Life Insurance & CSEA Sponsored Group Universal Life Insurance both offer up to $200,000 in coverage for eligible Members & $25,000 in coverage with no medical questions asked — every year! Spouse/domestic partner & dependent child/grandchildren under age 26 coverage is also available.Both permanent life options are 100% portable. Whole Life offers rates that will not increase with age. Universal Life builds cash value that earns interest & offers flexible premium options.

Critical Illness Insurance

The CSEA Sponsored Group Critical Illness Insurance Plan pays lump sum benefits to help with the personal and financial challenges that other health and life insurances do not address in dealing with a serious illness. It covers cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney (renal) failure, any condition requiring a major organ transplant and now Alzheimer’s Disease. $75 Wellness Benefit each year and $40,000 coverage for you and your spouse/domestic partner is available Simplified Issue; which means you can enroll with very limited health questions asked. Dependent coverage is also available.

Hospital & Home Care Recovery

The CSEA Sponsored Group Hospital & Home Care Recovery Plan is designed to provide extra money to help cover the cost of a hospital stay and the home recovery afterwards. Benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance you have. Members under age 75 and their spouses are eligible to enroll with no health questions asked.

Auto, Home and Renters Insurance

Pearl Insurance offers a convenient buying service for not only Auto and Home insurance but Renters, Umbrella, RV, recreational and even leisure vehicles. Quickly, you can get free quotes from up to 12 different insurance companies to find the right combination of coverage and price. Pearl insurance also has a team of Policy Review Specialists that review your policy prior to your renewal and a dedicated Customer Service department fully staffed to assist with billing and claims issues. Payroll deduction and direct bill options are always available. For more details, call 1-800-574-0963 or visit