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CSEA’s Respiratory Protection Interactive Toolkit

Please use this interactive tool, developed by the staff professionals in our Occupational Safety and Health Department, to familiarize yourself with the different types of respiratory protection and test your knowledge of their proper use.



Part One: Masks and Respirators


Level 1 – Which are masks and which are filtering face piece respirators?

Is it a mask or a respirator? Masks and respirators have different functions and limitations. Respirators can filter out particles and contaminants and provide a seal to keep viruses and bacteria from being inhaled when properly fitted.  Most masks cannot. This exercise will help you to identify which is which.  When complete proceed to Level 2!



Level 2 – Identify the Types of Masks and Filtering Face Piece Respirators

Drag and Drop the correct name of each mask or respirator to the correct picture. Then press the check button to see how you did!  Keep going until you get them all correct!  When complete proceed to Level 3!



Level 3 – Advantages and Limitations of Common Masks and Filtering Face Piece Respirators

Learn the advantages and limitations of common masks and respirators. Select the information button for a very brief video on each type of mask or respirator.  When each video is complete, hit the white arrow on the right side of your screen to return to the main activity after each of the four videos. When complete proceed to Level 4!



Level 4 – Putting on and Removing Masks and Filtering Face Piece Respirators

This video will show the proper methods to put on, adjust, wear and remove a variety of masks and filtering face pieces such as the N-95 filtering face piece respirator. After watching this short video proceed to Level 5 and see how much you have learned!




Level 5 – Test your Knowledge of Masks and Filtering Face Piece Respirators!

Test your knowledge of masks and filtering face piece respirators.  Can you get all 8 questions correct? After each question hit the blue arrow button in the bottom right hand corner to move to the next question. When you are finished hit the “check” button on the lower left hand side to see how many you got correct!



Congratulations on completing Part One!

Part Two: Half and Full Face Piece Air Purifying and Supplied Air Respirators, is COMING SOON!



Need more information? Download our Respiratory Protection Fact Sheets!

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