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Southern Region President Anthony Adamo’s Message

March 9, 2020 

Sisters and Brothers,

As the situation with Coronavirus continues to develop, I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication you are showing in responding to this outbreak. 

Here in the Southern Region, things are particularly hectic due to the initial confirmed case in Westchester County, as well as the subsequent impact in that county and others.

Our members are responding in a variety of different capacities.

We have county and state workers handling the public health angle, monitoring cases and ensuring safety. We have school custodians and maintenance workers in other government facilities tasked with rigorously cleaning and disinfecting buildings. We have emergency management workers, who have always been exceptionally trained for this sort of situation and are now experiencing it firsthand. We have healthcare workers – in hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulances – on the front lines of treating people with both symptoms and confirmed cases.

CSEA members are at their finest during challenging times. This Coronavirus outbreak is no exception.

As we move forward, please know that the hard work you are doing during this exceptionally stressful time is appreciated. You are used to working behind the scenes, but if ever there was a time for fanfare and accolades, the time is now. You are doing a fantastic job.

CSEA is here to support you as the Coronavirus response continues. Our exceptional Occupational Safety and Health Department is here as a resource for our members. Please refer to the area of our website that has been set up as a clearinghouse for accurate Coronavirus information:

Our Southern Region staff is working with our OSH staff and others in our organization on your behalf. Local and unit leaders should not hesitate to reach out to their appropriate staff representative with questions and concerns. As you work to ensure the safety of the public, your safety is paramount to us.

Thank you again for your dedication and hard work during this outbreak.

Yours in Unionism,

Anthony M. Adamo

Southern Region President