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Western Region President Steve Healy’s Message

March 2020

Focus on the basics

WNY — On behalf of the 46,000 members of CSEA Western Region– I welcome everyone to our CSEA Western Region webpage.

As we start a new four-year term with a new leadership team, I would like to ask all our CSEA members to come together in a spirit of cooperation and rededicate our collective efforts to improving the lives of all working people everywhere.

It’s time for us to revisit our core mission and recalculate our values moving forward. I would also like to ask for our community partners and allies to help us bring economic justice to the workplace and to improve social justice outcomes in New York state and across this great nation.

It is truly unmistakable– there is a new energy and commitment within CSEA that we haven’t seen in quite some time. CSEA members and most working people understand the value of union membership and that is why we remain strong.

CSEA members and all working people have good reason to be proud as we enter this new decade. Our union and the Labor Movement is once again finding our footing and growing our ranks.

Two of our team’s biggest priorities in the short term is to create and strengthen our committee work and to increase membership numbers so more workers can have a say in how they can achieve the American Dream.

It’s about getting back to focusing on the basics– and streamlining what works and eliminating what doesn’t work. We will measure, benchmark and publish all our efforts– settling contracts, making sure our members have due process, improving health and safety standards, raising our public profile, lobbying lawmakers, volunteering in our communities, marching in solidarity and organizing new members to strengthen our families.

Despite our day-to-day progress, we also recognize there is so much more for us to accomplish together. Our team is also looking forward to hearing your ideas and concerns on how we can improve doing the business of the union.

We are stronger as a union when we practice what we preach – honesty, full participation, respect for one another, honoring our diversity, fiscal responsibility and being accountable to and for each other.

We will continue to prosper as long as we continue to invest in our most precious resource—the people and families who take an active role in making their communities better by delivering on the promise of a job well done.

Our team and I look forward to working with you in the days to come. Feel free to contact us at any time.


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