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What is Organizing?

Workers joining together for a voice on the job, to build power in the workplace, to make change, ensure fairness and hold employers accountable.

As workers we organize unions to:

  • Advocate for our rights:
    Join together for a collective voice for you and your coworkers. Every worker has the right to respect and fairness on the job.
  • Build worker strength:
    There is strength in numbers. You can enhance your strength and build real power by organizing with your coworkers and standing together to demand improvements in the workplace.
  • Maintain dignity on the job:
    Standing TOGETHER you can use your power and influence to ensure that there is dignity and justice in the workplace for all workers.
  • Make improvements in pay and benefits:
    It is a documented FACT that:
         • Union members earn 34 percent more than non-union workers.
         • More than 75 percent of union workers have health benefits, while less than half of non-union
            workers have good health coverage.
         • 94 percent of union workers have a retirement plan, while only 67 percent of non-union workers have
  • Provide job protection:
    With collective bargaining agreements, most union employees cannot be fired without “just cause.” This is unlike many nonunion workers who are considered “at-will” employees and can be fired at any time for almost any reason.

Do you want more information?

Contact the CSEA Organizing Department
(800) 342-4146, ext. 1401 • email:
143 Washington Ave.
Albany, NY 12210