In 2023, our union once again showed that when we stand together, we can accomplish anything.

Union organizing efforts continued to be strong, with CSEA welcoming many new groups of workers into our union.

Our union worked with Gov. Kathy Hochul and her administration to enact measures to increase hiring and encourage retention at state agencies and local government.

With our union’s political action efforts, the governor and state legislature made many changes to the state’s civil service system that include waiving civil service examination fees, offering continuous recruitment exams, placing Civil Service representatives in career centers across the state, requiring the Department of Civil Service and municipal civil service commissions to advertise competitive exams in schools and job training centers and counting employee provisional time toward permanent appointments. Governor Hochul signed the latter two items into law during a September news conference at which our union discussed the urgent need to boost worker recruitment and retention.

CSEA also advanced efforts to reach out to new employees as soon as they are hired, including by forming a new member orientation task force.

Hundreds of union members attended our Statewide Women’s Conference in Saratoga Springs, where they learned how to better use their union voices to increase our power.

Additionally, hundreds of CSEA members from across the state got training in union leadership and many other areas during the 113th Annual Delegates Meeting, which focused on training programs. CSEA members also increased their knowledge through region conferences throughout the year.

Our union continued to fight back against efforts by the Freedom Foundation and other anti-labor groups to scam members.

On Election Day, CSEA members strongly supported local government candidates who stand with working people, including the successful efforts to reelect Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and elect Sue Serino as Dutchess County Executive.

CSEA members across the state also remained committed to standing with communities of workers who face oppression.

During CSEA Member Appreciation Month, we extended a thank you to all of our union members for their hard work every day in providing services in every community in New York.

Looking ahead into the new year, we still face challenges and much more work, but we will stand strong.

Here are some of our top headlines of the year:

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