Unified Court System employees take advantage of CSEA-sponsored training


As part of the 2021-2026 contract .negotiated between CSEA and the Unified Court Systems (UCS) all non-Judicial UCS employees in CSEA represented units are eligible to participate in virtual training during the court’s recess in December.

For many previous years during the court recess between Christmas and New Year’s Day, employees have been forced to charge personal accruals.

This new benefit, beginning with the recent 2023 court recess, allows employees who choose to participate in the CSEA virtual training to attend up to two full days of CSEA sponsored training without charging personal accruals. It is instead designated as excused paid leave.


“This is a great benefit and a fantastic option for UCS employees to take advantage of. Employees really appreciate being able to save accruals while gaining valuable knowledge without having to commute into work those days,” said Region V Judiciary Local President Ian Spencer. “My hope is even more people will take advantage of this next year, it’s yet another great example of how CSEA negotiates contractual benefits for its membership.”

More than 800 UCS employees opted to participate in the recent training offering from CSEA across the two days training was offered.

Participants could choose to attend either or both days of training.

On the training’s first day, participants learned about CSEA, including presentations from our union’s Member Benefits Department and Pearl Insurance, as well as a presentation on workers’ compensation rights by attorneys from Fine, Olin & Anderman.

The second day covered the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and workplace safety and health.

— Mathew L. Cantore


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