ADM donations aid Veterans One-Stop Center

From left to right, Veterans One-Stop Center Director of Veteran Engagement Dan Arnold and Veterans One-Stop Center Marketing Content Specialist Laney Hill accept a donation from CSEA Western Region President Steve Healy and Western Region Executive Vice President Tim Finnigan, who presented it on behalf of our union’s Standing Veterans Committee.

BUFFALO — At the 113th Annual Delegates Meeting in Buffalo, members of our union’s Standing Veterans Committee sold one-of-a-kind pins to raise money to aid local veterans.

Committee members raised more than $800.

On behalf of our union and the committee, Western Region President Steve Healy and Western Region Executive Vice President Tim Finnigan recently presented the donation to staff at Veterans One-Stop Center, a Western New York-based nonprofit that provides resources for local veterans.

Healy and Finnigan were given a tour of their facilities and learned about the many resources and opportunities the organization offers to veterans.

“I was so impressed not only by their facilities but by their passion for helping local veterans looking for support,” said Healy. “It warms my heart to know that the donations from our members and the work of our Veterans Committee will go directly toward helping those in need.”

Healy and Finnigan noted that one of the most unique features of Veterans One-Stop Center were the boots that line the walls of the center’s lobby. From a Buffalo Bills-designed boot to one that includes flowers and mossy textures covering it inside and out, each boot was designed by a veteran as part of their “REBOOT” program.

This program is a unique fundraiser in which participants get one of two boots to keep and one to design and display. To reunite the pair of boots, participants must raise a certain amount of money.

“The ‘REBOOT’ campaign that they had displayed was not only an extremely creative fundraiser, but it gave local veterans the opportunity to really showcase their artistic talents,” said Finnigan, a veteran himself who serves on our union’s Western Region Veterans Committee. “It warms my heart to see local veterans getting so involved in an organization like this and to see the people here care so deeply about providing support to such crucial members of our community.”

— Madison Ruffo


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