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Building our collective power through YOUR involvement!

You might be a member who thinks our union isn’t strong enough. We have to ask… who do you think “our union” is?

Truth is, with our member-run union, it isn’t up to someone else to build a strong union, it’s up to each and every one of us.

To put it bluntly, being a union member should not be a spectator sport.

If we believe that our union can/does have a positive impact in our lives, we can all take actions, large or small, to build and strengthen our union’s future.

Our Union Needs You

Want to help? Here are some ways YOU can take action:

  • Talk with your co-workers about supporting our union

  • Point co-workers with workplace or union questions/concerns/issues in the right direction to get help – whether it’s their union steward, a union officer, or our union’s Member Solutions Center

  • Request a workplace meeting presentation for you and your co-workers

  • Volunteer to participate in one of our Member Engagement Activities – Contact our Member Engagement Division 

  • Request a visit from a CSEA Member Benefits Specialist to your workplace or union event

  • Download union visibility materials to hang in your workplace

  • Check your workplace union bulletin board for updated events/info – don’t have one? Ask your union rep if you can be in charge of making one – CSEA has available materials to help you build and keep your union bulletin board up to date

  • Learn about your rights and benefits. An educated membership is a strong membership. Read your contract, attend a CSEA training workshop, and ask questions! 

  • Read up. When CSEA sends you something, give it a look! Newsletters, emails, and social media posts provide important information. You can also check out our union’s website or Facebook page

  • Speak up. If management violates someone’s rights, notify a union representative at your worksite. Our union works best if we all look out for each other

  • Act up. Show your solidarity. CSEA is part of a bigger labor movement. If other unions need your support in the community, then give it, and make sure to wear your union garb

  • Show up. Attend and participate in union events. Go to membership meetings, luncheons, and other events. And don’t just listen, make your voice heard

  • Step up. Join a committee. Member-driven committees do a lot of work to make our union run. Committees include Political Action, Health & Safety, and so much more. Ask your union leadership how you can get on a committee

  • Step up more. Run for union office. As a member-run union, we depend on our volunteer activists to get elected and lead our union. We provide the training, you provide your time and passion

  • Get clout! Become a PEOPLE member. PEOPLE is our federal political action program that allows us and our union to have a voice on national matters that impact us locally, like protecting our pensions, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and advocating for labor laws that benefit working people instead of corporate CEOs. Join PEOPLE today

  • Want to do something else? Ask! Can you design a killer meeting flyer? Do you plan an amazing party? Like planning bus trips? Have something else to contribute? Let your leaders know so they can utilize your talents!

Please know that whatever level of involvement in our union you choose, you’ll never have to go it alone! CSEA provides education and training, leadership development and mentoring, and the backup resources of our union’s professional staff to make sure that our volunteer activists have the knowledge, skills and abilities to support any role they choose. So what are you waiting for? Get Active!