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How You Can Help Save Our Union

Unions are under attack! Anti-union groups funded by corporations and rich CEOs are going to try to trick you into giving up your rights. They’ve succeeded in getting the Supreme Court to side with them in the recent Janus decision in their attempts to weaken our ability to protect our rights, but they won’t stop there. 

We will stick together and fight back. We will not give in to groups funded by the rich and powerful, or anyone who stands in our way as we fight for better wages, better benefits, safer workplaces, and the respect we all deserve as hardworking Americans. Don’t be a free rider! We must all do our part to protect our hard-won rights and protections. While the recent Taylor Law changes are a big win for CSEA, we still need your help.

Here’s how you can help save our union!

Best Way is to Stay a Member

  • Confirm membership at cseany.org/my-csea.
  • If you’re not a member, join today!
  • CSEA members earn more, have better benefits, more paid time off, and job protections.

Let Us Know You’ll Never Quit

  • Text Never Quit to 237263 or Call 518-257-1263 or Email neverquit@cseainc.org.
  • Post on social media why you’ll never quit to #CSEANeverQuit #StayUnionStayStrong.
  • Use our CSEA Never Quit banner image for Facebook and Twitter.

Promote Value of Our Union at Your Workplace

  • Print and hang these signs to show you’ll Never Quit:
ProudMember OurUnion StayUnionStayStrong