CSEA members earn more, have better benefits, more paid time off, and a strong voice on the job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Union members earn 27% more than non-union workers.

However, there are a number of groups out there that want to take all this away from us.  They would love nothing more than, as one group put it in a fundraising letter to rich donors, “to drive the proverbial stake through the hearts” of labor unions.

So who are these people?

They are part of the Right-to-Work movement, which is largely backed by greedy corporate interests who want to make even more money at the expense of all us hard workers.

They’ve even gone so far as to fund cases to reach the Supreme Court to try to strip union power.

CSEA knows better. 

We know the reasons to stay in the union!

 Job Security– Your CSEA contract protects you from being fired without cause, and guarantees due process.

Pay and Benefits – Your CSEA contract provides better pay and health insurance benefits.

Paid Time Off – Your CSEA contract provides better paid sick leave, paid vacation, and paid personal time so you can care for yourself and your family.

Voice on the Job – Public employees are often blamed for high taxes and targeted by politicians, but we don’t stay quiet.  We speak up!

Retirement Security – Our union fights to protect your pension and health care in retirement.


There are groups like the Freedom Foundation and other Right-to-Work organizations that are GOING to come to you to try to strip these rights away by convincing you to quit your union.

What will you say when they ask you to quit?

If you’ll Never Quit, let us know!

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Janus v. AFSCME Council 31

The National Right to Work Foundation, a group funded by corporate billionaires, has bankrolled a case that has reached Supreme Court.  Arguments will be made in February, and a decision is expected in late June that could have a serious impact on unions throughout the United States.

AFSCME has put together a great resource to explain this case and what it really is.  You can visit to get more information.