ALBANY — New York Gov. Kathy Hochul recently received CSEA’s endorsement in her campaign for governor.

CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan announced Hochul’s endorsement in a statement.

“CSEA proudly throws our support behind Kathy Hochul for Governor. We’re convinced she’s the right leader to improve the lives of all New Yorkers,” Sullivan said. “From the day she stepped up to lead, Governor Hochul has recognized the value that public employees bring to all New Yorkers. She understands the incredible sacrifice and dedication of the union members working on the front lines who have gotten us through these very difficult times, and has demonstrated a commitment to working with us to recognize them. She has an empathy we’ve not seen before, and she can work across party lines to unite people. We are confident we can work with her as partners for better government.”

Sullivan said the union is also supportive of Hochul’s proposed state budget and her goals to grow New York’s public workforce and recruit workers to address critical staffing shortages.

“Governor Hochul is looking for real solutions to New York’s problems,” Sullivan said. “She is working to grow the state workforce to address the staffing shortages that are overburdening workers. She wants to ensure better service delivery to taxpayers, and she’s doing everything she can to protect all New York’s workers during this pandemic.”

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of CSEA which represents among the very best of New York’s public workforce and serves as a voice for justice in the workplace and our communities,” said Gov. Kathy Hochul.

“Together, we recognize that strong unions build a strong middle class and support for organized labor goes hand-in-hand with our economic recovery. I look forward to furthering our partnership to accomplish great things for working people who serve our state and all of our fellow New Yorkers.”
Sullivan recently talked with Hochul about issues concerning many union members. Read below for more on their conversation, and watch their entire conversation at


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