March is National Women’s History Month. This year’s theme, set by the National Women’s History Alliance, showcases “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

It takes the courage of a driven woman to speak out on the topics of morals and ethicalities that surround women, specifically in the workplace.

This year’s Women History Month theme allows for the recognition of women all over the country that understand that positive changes needs to be made, more voices need to be heard and discrimination needs to be removed in its entirety.

The strategy of 2024 is to take advantage of this rising opportunity to encourage and empower women of all cultures, ethnicities, and diverse backgrounds. Women hold the power to make an impact on our country by working to stop discrimination across all areas of our lives.

There is an emphasis on younger women and the role they can play in making positive changes. With this comes the added value of hearing the different perspectives of other women, as they mature and step into their newfound power. The younger generation is fueling this movement by being loud with their own voices. They are aiding in spreading perspective, offering up differing experiences and the voices of others when taking a stand.

Following decades of widespread discrimination, it is extremely important to celebrate all women, especially those that strive for full inclusion and equality. Women everywhere are fighting for the chance to share their story so, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the women in our lives.

CSEA and other labor unions are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion for women and other groups of workers who continue to fight for justice. Our union is doing this work every day, including fighting for fair pay, good health care, secure retirement and dignified working conditions for all workers.

Our union also advocates for the advancement of working women through our union’s Standing Women’s Committee, as well as region and local women’s committees.

On these pages, we feature Nassau County Clerk’s Unit President Audrey Hadden, who is helping lead the way toward justice in the workplace.

— Ashley McNeal

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