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Election Spotlight: SD 60


CSEA Region: Western Region 6
Incumbent: Chris Jacobs
Number of CSEA Members in the District: 4,167

Chris Jacobs: Chris Jacobs was first elected to the State Senate in 2016 after serving as Erie County Clerk. Throughout his time in public office, Jacobs has been a friend to CSEA. He rallied with CSEA at the Working People’s Day of Action and voted in favor of legislation to protect the rights of CSEA members from the negative impacts of the Janus v AFSCME decision.

Carima El-Behiary: Carima El-Behiary has never held elected office, and has no record of fighting on behalf of working men and women.

CSEA Endorsement: Chris Jacobs

    State Senate District 3

    Race State Senate District 3
    Counties Part of Suffolk
    CSEA Region Long Island Region 1
    CSEA Members #
    Registered Voters Total: 182,557
    Democrat: 64,337 (35.2%)
    Republican: 56,376 (30.9%)
    No Party: 48,127 (26.4%)
    Other: 13,717 (7.5%)

    The Candidates:

    Dean Murray (R)
    Dean Murray was first elected to the State Assembly in 2010. As a member of the Assembly, he has been a proven friend of labor. He fought to save services at Sagamore Children’s Psychiatric Center, co-sponsored legislation to establish workload standards for child protective services workers, co-sponsored the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, supported increasing oversight and transparency in economic development programs, and has a superb voting record on CSEA’s priority bills.

    Monica Martinez (D)
    Monica Martinez was elected to the Suffolk County legislature in 2013. She does not have any experience fighting for CSEA members in Albany.

    CSEA Endorsement: Dean Murray (R)


      CSEA’s 2018 Endorsements

      CSEA Vote

      Below is a list of CSEA’s endorsed candidates for the 2018 elections.
      This list may be updated before Election Day.

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      Download our 2018 endorsement list

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      More candidates may be added to this map as we get closer to election day.

      Statewide Endorsed Candidates

      OfficeCSEA Endorsement
      GovernorAndrew Cuomo
      Lieutenant GovernorKathy Hochul
      State ComptrollerTom DiNapoli
      Attorney GeneralNo endorsement
      U.S. Senate Kirsten Gillibrand

      Congressional Endorsements

      * denotes incumbent
      DistrictCSEA Endorsement
      CD 1No Endorsement
      CD 2No Endorsement
      CD 3Thomas Suozzi
      CD 4No Endorsement
      CD 5Gregory Meeks
      CD 6Grace Meng
      CD 7Nydia Velazquez
      CD 8Hakeem Jefferies
      CD 9Yvette Clarke
      CD 10Jerrold Nadler
      CD 11 No Endorsement
      CD 12Carolyn Maloney
      CD 13Adriano Espaillat
      CD 14No Endorsement
      CD 15Jose Serrano
      CD 16Eliot Engel
      CD 17 Nita Lowey
      CD 18No Endorsement
      CD 19 Antonio Delgado
      CD 20 Paul Tonko
      CD 21Tedra Cobb
      CD 22Anthony Brindisi
      CD 23Tracy Mitrano
      CD 24No Endorsement
      CD 25Joe Morelle
      CD 26 Brian Higgins
      CD 27Nathan McMurray

      State Legislature

      Region 1

      Region 2

      Region 3

      Region 4

      Region 5

      Region 6

        Week ending August 17, 2018

        Collins Reverses Course, Suspends Re-election

        After initially declaring that he would continue to seek re-election in the wake of his arrest on insider trading charges, Representative Chris Collins (R-NY27) has decided to suspend his re-election campaign.

        Republican leaders in the district are now looking for ways to replace Collins on the ballot. This would likely require that Collins either run for a different office or move out of state. Democrats have said that they will sue to keep Collins on the ballot.

        If Republicans can successfully remove Collins from the ballot, there is no shortage of candidates who could be interested in the seat. Potential replacements include Carl Paladino, Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, State Senators Rob Ortt, Patrick Gallivan and Michael Ranzenhofer, Assemblymembers Ray Walter and Steve Hawley, and more.

        Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings to Start in September

        Leaders in the U.S. Senate have announced that hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court will begin on September 4.

        Republicans in the Senate have made it clear that they want to confirm Kavanaugh to the Court before November’s mid-term elections.

        Never Quit Fact of the Week

        Children of non-college educated parents earn 28% more if their parent is in a labor union, according to a report by the Center for American Progress.

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            Region 6 State Legislator Endorsements

            Region 6 State Senate Endorsements 2018

            * denotes incumbent
            DistrictCSEA Endorsements
            SD 55Rich Funke
            SD 56Joseph Robach
            SD 57Catharine Young
            SD 59Patrick Gallivan
            SD 60Chris Jacobs
            SD 61No endorsement
            SD 62Robert Ortt
            SD 63Tim Kennedy

            Region 6 State Assembly Endorsements 2018

            * denotes incumbent
            DistrictCSEA Endorsement
            AD 131No endorsement
            AD 132Phil Palmesano
            AD 133No endorsement
            AD 134No endorsement
            AD 135Mark Johns
            AD 136Jamie Romeo
            AD 137No endorsement
            AD 138Harry Bronson
            AD 139No endorsement
            AD 140No endorsement
            AD 141Crystal Peoples-Stokes
            AD 142Pat Burke
            AD 143Monica Wallace
            AD 144No endorsement
            AD 145No endorsement
            AD 146No endorsement
            AD 147No endorsement
            AD 148No endorsement
            AD 149Sean Ryan
            AD 150No endorsement


              Region 5 State Legislator Endorsements

              Region 5 State Senate Endorsements 2018

              * denotes incumbent
              DistrictCSEA Endorsement
              SD 47Joseph Griffo
              SD 48Patty Ritchie
              SD 50Bob Antonacci
              SD 51Jim Seward
              SD 52Fred Akshar
              SD 53David Valesky (Lost Primary)
              SD 54Pam Helming
              SD 58Tom O'Mara

              Region 5 State Assembly Endorsements 2018

              * denotes incumbent
              DistrictCSEA Endorsement
              AD 101Chad McEvoy
              AD 116Addie Jenne
              AD 117No endorsement
              AD 118Keith Rubino
              AD 119Marianne Buttenschon
              AD 120No endorsement
              AD 121Bill Magee
              AD 122Clifford Crouch
              AD 123Donna Lupardo
              AD 124No endorsement
              AD 125Barbara Lifton
              AD 126Keith Batman
              AD 127Al Stirpe
              AD 128Pamela Hunter
              AD 129Bill Magnarelli
              AD 130No endorsement

                Region 4 State Legislator Endorsements

                Region 4 State Senate Endorsements 2018

                * denotes incumbent
                DistrictCSEA Endorsement
                SD 43No endorsement
                SD 44Neil Breslin
                SD 45No endorsement
                SD 46George Amedore
                SD 49Jim Tedisco

                Region 4 State Assembly Endorsements 2018

                * denotes incumbent
                DistrictCSEA Endorsement
                AD 102No endorsement
                AD 107No endorsement
                AD 108John McDonald
                AD 109Pat Fahy
                AD 110Phil Steck
                AD 111Angelo Santabarbara
                AD 112No endorsement
                AD 113Carrie Woerner
                AD 114No endorsement
                AD 115Billy Jones

                  Region 3 State Legislator Endorsements

                  Region 3 State Senate Endorsements 2018

                  * denotes incumbent
                  DistrictCSEA Endorsement
                  SD 35Andrea Stewart-Cousins
                  SD 37Shelley Mayer
                  SD 38Scott Vanderhoef
                  SD 39James Skoufis
                  SD 40Terrence Murphy
                  SD 41Sue Serino
                  SD 42Annie Rabbitt

                  Region 3 State Assembly Endorsements 2018

                  * denotes incumbent
                  DistrictCSEA Endorsement
                  AD 88Amy Paulin
                  AD 89J. Gary Pretlow
                  AD 90Nader Sayegh
                  AD 91Steve Otis
                  AD 92Tom Abinanti
                  AD 93David Buchwald
                  AD 94No endorsement
                  AD 95Sandy Galef
                  AD 96Ken Zebrowski
                  AD 97Ellen Jaffee
                  AD 98No endorsement
                  AD 99Matt Rettig
                  AD 100Aileen Gunther
                  AD 103Kevin Cahill
                  AD 104Jonathan Jacobson
                  AD 105No endorsement
                  AD 106Didi Barrett