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Top 10 Reasons to Be a CSEA Retiree

1. Protect your pension and health care benefits. CSEA’s lobbyists coupled with the union’s 300,000 members, give you political clout with the New York State Legislature.

2. Clout with Congress via the AFSCME Retiree Program. AFSCME’s 1.2 million members nationwide guarantees your voice will be heard on Capitol Hill.

3. Informative publications, including The CSEA Retiree News, which is published quarterly; AFSCME’s Public Employee and Prime Time retiree bulletin.

4. Regular meetings and social events sponsored by CSEA Retiree Locals throughout New York and Florida.

5. Access to low-cost insurance programs available through Pearl Carroll and Associates. Maintain CSEA Security Life Insurance, Hospital Income Insurance and CSEA Personal Lines, which includes automobile/homeowners/renters coverage.

6. Nationwide discount vision plan for members and their families.

7. Access to CSEA/AFSCME discount buying programs.

8. CSEA-sponsored dental insurances available through Pearl Carroll and Associates.

9. CSEA Legal Services Program with discount rates.

10. Affiliation with AFSCME, the nation’s leading union.

Plus, CSEA retiree member dues are only $36 a year, the best senior discount you’re going to get.