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Work-Life Services

Work-Life Services is comprised of five benefit programs that provide New York State Executive Branch employees with resources to address their work, home, and life issues.

The following link will bring you to the New York State WorkLife Work-Life Services web page:

NYS Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The New York State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a worksite-based program designed to help state employees deal with the everyday issues involved in balancing work, home, and life, as well as more serious problems that may impact work performance. EAP services are confidential, voluntary, and offered at no cost to employees and their families.

Visit for more details. For help, call 800-822-0244 (available 24/7) or email EAP at

Flexible Spending Account
The Flex Spending Account is a negotiated benefit for State employees that allows employees to pay for expenses with pre-tax salary. The Flex Spending Account Open Enrollment Period is held each fall for the next calendar year.

Save by enrolling in the Health Care Spending Account, the Dependent Care Advantage Account, or both. Visit Flex Spending Account page for program details and to enroll, or call 1-800-358-7202.

Child and Dependent Care Benefits
Child and Dependent Care FSA Employer Contribution

The Employer Contribution is an amount of money that New York State will contribute to your Dependent Care Advantage Account when you enroll in the program. It was negotiated in collective bargaining to help you meet the high cost of quality child and elder care services. The availability and amounts of the Employer Contribution are specified in the contract. Typically NYS will contribute between $300 and $800 (depending on your salary) toward the cost of your dependent care expenses.

More information on this important benefit can be found at the NYS Flex Spending website.