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Western Region President Bob Pyjas Message

January – February 2020

CSEA in 2020: We are on the rise

WNY — On behalf of the 46,000 members of CSEA Western Region– I welcome everyone to our CSEA Western Region webpage.

As we continue to do the business of the union in this new year and in the days that follow, I would like to ask all our members to rededicate their efforts to improve the lives of all working people everywhere. I would also like to ask for our community partners and allies to help us bring economic justice to the workplace and to improve social justice outcomes in New York State and across this great nation.

CSEA members and all working people have good reason to be proud as we enter a new decade. Our union and the Labor Movement is on the rise. We are getting it done– settling contracts, improving health and safety standards, volunteering in our communities, marching in solidarity and organizing new members to strengthen our families. Despite our progress, I also recognize there is so much more for us to accomplish.

For decades, American corporations have rigged the economy to work for the few at the expense of the many. They have tried to harm our families and destroy our collective bargaining rights. And too many elected officials have done their bidding, waging an assault on our most fundamental freedoms.

But we have never looked to corporations or politicians to validate our movement. The rights of working people have always been won and sustained by our own desire and passion for change.

It is truly unmistakable– there is a new energy and commitment within CSEA that we haven’t seen in quite some time. CSEA members and most working people understand the value of union membership and that is why we remain strong.

We are stronger as a union when we invest in our most precious resource—the people and families who take an active role in making their communities better by delivering on the promise of a job well done.

We have the intellectual power to create the fair economy and just society that we all deserve. That means making our voices heard loud and clear at our workplaces, boardrooms and in legislative chambers all throughout New York State and in Washington, DC.

This being a Presidential Election year, CSEA members have the collective power and ability to make sure we have a stake in our own future by electing candidates who will create fundamental, lasting change for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

If you want to improve your working conditions, change the direction of this country, if you want to beat back hate, if you want a fair and just society and if you want to save our democracy to win a new day for America’s workers, let’s join together to strengthen and grow our ranks like never before.

CSEA members and all workers must always have a seat at the table– because when unions are strong– workers are strong. And when workers are strong– America is strong.

-Bob Pyjas
CSEA Western Region

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