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Capital Region Ron Briggs Biography

CSEA Capital Region President Ron Briggs has been active in CSEA for more than twenty years.

For the last twelve years, Briggs served as Executive Vice President of Capital Region 4. He also served one term as 1st Vice President. At the region level he has worked toward building an inclusive and responsive region.

In 1997 Briggs was elected to his first position as 2nd Vice President for CSEA’s Fulton County Local 818. He later served as 1st Vice President, and then as Fulton County Local President. Briggs worked for the Fulton County Department of Social Services for 11 years before joining the Probation Department where he worked until his appointment as Capital Region President.

Briggs is involved in numerous CSEA committees and initiatives. He is a Leadership Education and Development Program (LEAD) program graduate. Before joining CSEA, Briggs was a member of UUP for eight years.

Briggs began his term as Capital Region President on March 1, 2016

Being an active part of the community is important to Briggs. To that end, he is Vice-Chair of the Gloversville Community Development Agency, President of the Fulton County Children’s Committee and a volunteer at Mohawk Harvest which is a co-operative focused on bringing local products to the marketplace. Briggs resides in Gloversville.