Civil Service Test Preparation Booklets

The CSEA WORK Institute offers 32 test preparation booklets that are designed to help individuals prepare to take state and local government civil service exams. Booklet titles correspond with topics listed on civil service exam announcements under the heading “Subject of Written Examination.”

Not sure which booklets you’ll need?

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What booklets do you need?

You probably won’t find a single booklet whose title matches the title of your test. Our books cover individual topics that appear on NYS civil service tests under one of the following headings:

Subject of Examination:

Subject of Written Examination:

Scope of Examination:

Try to match the topics you see on your announcement to the titles of our test prep books.

Your exam announcement must be for your position only or for your position and others in the same series (e.g., the state Principal Clerical Series) in order to have a Subject of Exam section. If it’s a statement of several unrelated positions put out as a general announcement by your local civil service office, it will not list subjects of examination for any of the positions announced.

For topics you don’t see:

In general, if you don’t see it, we don’t have it, but sometimes one of our books will provide full or at least partial coverage for a topic with a different name on your announcement.

Some common topics we cover in booklets with different names:

  • Clerical Operations with Letters and Numbers – book 20
  • Clerical Checking – book 20
  • Filing – book 20
  • Organizing Data into Tables and Records – book 26
  • Evaluating Information and Evidence – book 12 or 14
  • Arithmetic Computation with (or without) calculator – book 2
  • Number Facility – book 2
  • Court Record Keeping – approximate match, book 26
  • Basic Computer Concepts – partial match, book 23
  • Office Management – partial match, book 24
  • Advising and Interacting with Others – partial match, book 13
  • Providing Good Customer Service – partial match, book 13

Our 28 books cover a relatively small number of the most common of the hundreds of topics found on the thousands of civil service exams administered around the state.

Some subject areas where we have NO SPECIFIC MATERIAL:

♦ Science/Engineering
♦ Administration, Budgeting and Program Planning
♦ Human Resources/Staff Development
♦ Computer Programming/Database Management

If you’ve checked your exam announcement and you aren’t sure whether one of our books can help you, give us a call at 866-478-5548 or email Trevor Robertson.