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What CSEA Is Working On


Learn about important legislation on which our union is actively lobbying.

Pending State Legislation

The following bills have passed both houses of the state legislature and are awaiting action by the Governor:


Our union’s successes


The following successes are due to the activism of CSEA members

2024 State Legislative Session

The 2024 New York State legislative session was a successful one for CSEA. In addition to achieving a significant reform to Tier 6 and new investments in the state and local government workforce in the FY2025 state budget, we also achieved several legislative successes prior to the Senate and Assembly’s adjournment for the year.

Here is a summary of key legislation passed by both houses, as well as a few bills that we successfully opposed. All the passed bills await Gov. Kathy Hochul’s action, which will happen before the end of the year. If you have specific questions about these bills, please contact our office.

Tier 6 reform

CSEA is celebrating the inclusion of reforms to the Tier 6 pension plan in the FY 2025 State Budget.

The enacted state budget includes a change to how pensions are calculated. Under the new law, a Tier 6 employee’s pension will be based on their top three years of earnings instead of five years. This change will increase retirement security for Tier 6 employees and make Tier 6 look more like earlier pension tiers.

View and download Tier 6 flyer