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Safety and Health Webinars

NEW! CSEA offers COVID-19 vaccine webinars (NOT On-Demand)

CSEA wants you to have all the facts regarding the new COVID-19 vaccines so that you can make an informed decision for you and your family. Our Occupational Safety and Health Department is now offering a one-hour program to answer the most asked questions regarding how the vaccines work, employee rights, the NYS Roll Out Plan and post-vaccine protocols in the workplace. CSEA staff will also be on hand to answer any other questions you may have about the vaccine process. This webinar is open to anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. 

If you have a group of 10 or more, custom sessions and times can be scheduled by CSEA leaders contacting their CSEA OSH Specialist. Due to the frequent information updates regarding the vaccines, this webinar will NOT be offered on demand for the foreseeable future. Download a sharable flyer at: or register for a session using the links below: 

On-Demand Webinars

Note: CSEA’s Occupational Safety & Health Department is proud to present these on-demand versions of our previous live webinars, at no charge and for all members. Click on any link to register and view each webinar!

Health and Safety Considerations for Reopening Schools
This first session is an overview of key points from the New York State Education Department guidance document, along with best practices from CSEA. Register to view.

How to Use Ventilation to Protect the School Community
CSEA and NYSUT are teaming up to bring you this new webinar on ventilation in schools and how it can help lower the risk of COVID-19. This program will give school employees an overview of building ventilation systems, applicable building codes and industry recommendations. Participants will learn what questions to ask management and what upgrades to advocate for. Register to view.

Cleaning After COVID-19 – Schools Edition
During this unprecedented pandemic, CSEA wants to ensure your right to a safe and healthy workplace. This 1-hour webinar for those who have to clean areas that may be affected by COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. We will address the hazards and risks of cleaning and disinfecting, the responsibilities of your employer to protect you, best practices and worker protections and your rights if you get sick. Register to view.

Cleaning After COVID-19- College and University Edition
Based on CDC guidance, this program will provide members information concerning performing cleaning in workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic and in areas where known or suspect COVID-19 cases were present. The webinar will cover current information about the risks associated with the virus and which cleaning and disinfecting products should be used where it could be present. As this information is applicable for other similar workplace settings, anyone interested may attend. Register to view.

Bus Safety and Health for Transportation Workers
Providing transportation for school-aged children is a vital job that comes with many challenges. From COVID-19 to violence, drivers and monitors must be prepared to handle a variety of issues. This session will provide guidance and best practices to equip drivers and monitors with the knowledge to know how what school administration must do and provide for those tasked with safely transporting children. Register to view.

Safety and Health for School Aides and Monitors
CSEA members who are support staff such as classroom aides and hall monitors are positioned in areas susceptible to infectious diseases and workplace violence. Whether you are assisting students, doing daily symptom checks, working hand over hand with special needs students, or tasked with breaking up fights in hallways, CSEA will be providing guidance and best practices for these situations.  Register to view.

Union Action and Enforcement for Reopening Schools
There are many safety and health measures that must be in place for the reopening of schools, but what steps do you take if your district is not following NYSED guidance, PESH/OSHA standards or building codes? This program will take you through the strategies to work with your district and if need be, taking steps to file a complaint. Register to view.

Evaluating Your Employer’s Safety Solutions
This interactive webinar will discuss the types of solutions and the proper order of selection from most to least effective methods. It will also cover why personal protective equipment is the least effective choice and how to evaluate your employer’s required personal protective equipment assessment. Each participant will learn how to use CSEA’s PPE Assessment Form. Register to view.

Worker’s Compensation and COVID‐19
CSEA and Fine, Olin and Anderman, LLC (FOA) are teaming up to answer all your questions about  Worker’s Compensation and COVID‐19. This webinar will provide needed information about filing Workers’ Compensation claims for CSEA members who have become ill from COVID-19 as a result of their employment. Register to view.

Selecting and Safely Applying Disinfectant for COVID-19
COVID-19 and other infectious diseases now require workers to clean and disinfect on a regular basis.  As cleaners and disinfectants are toxic substances, it is important for workers to understand the risks and proper applications when using these products.  This session will help workers and employers understand that sometimes, stronger isn’t better, the importance of contact time, protective measures that must be taken and will discuss the hazards of specific products utilized by CSEA members throughout New York. Register to view.

Ventilation System Adjustment for the Heating Season
As natural ventilation must be decreased due to colder temperatures, COVID is on the rise in schools and other workplace buildings. In order for HVAC systems to run efficiently and effectively, adjustments must be made for the Winter season especially after alterations have been made to combat COVID-19.  This webinar will help participants understand how to keep as much protection as possible without damaging your system. Register to view.

Las Vacunas del CoVID-19
CSEA y NENYCOSH quieren que tenga todos los datos sobre las nuevas vacunas de COVID-19 para que pueda tomar una decisión informada para usted y su familia. Este programa de dos horas responderá las preguntas más frecuentes sobre cómo funcionan las vacunas, los derechos de los empleados, el plan de implementación del estado de Nueva York y los protocolos en el lugar de trabajo que deben seguir después de la vacuna. Este seminario web está abierto a la comunidad y todos son bienvenidos.  Registra a vista.

Program Development Series

Developing a Hazard Communication/Right to Know Program
Improper use of cleaners and disinfectants can easily harm workers tasked with using them, sometimes very severely and give the user chronic adverse health effects for the rest of their life.  Workers have a right to know the hazards and potential physical and health effects that can occur from hazardous substances used in the workplace.  Hazard Communication and Right to Know Programs are a must for any employer in NYS.  CSEA members will learn what is required by the employer and what their rights are under these rules and regulations.  These can be complicated programs to administer, so CSEA Officers are invited to bring or extend the webinar invite to whomever is in charge of their Hazard Communication/Right to Know Programs. Everyone is welcome. Register to view.

Creating or Revising a Lock-Out/Tag-Out Program
Most employers in New York are not in compliance with standard 1910.147, the control of hazardous energy.  This webinar will help to assess your employer’s current Energy Control (Lock-Out/Tag-Out) Program and will provide you with a sample program, templates for equipment-specific energy control procedures and an awareness training presentation.  For those who do not have a written program this course will provide all of the information on the components, procedures and best practices needed to create a comprehensive and compliant program. Register to view.

Creating or Revising a Confined Space Entry Program
Entering permit-required confined spaces can be deadly if the proper precautions are not taken prior to entry.  This course will go over all of the requirements that employers are required to follow, including inventories, assessments permit systems, rescue, monitoring and the requirements of a written program. Register to view.