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CSEA's position on the extension of the wage increase deferral for state employees

CSEA continues to pursue the grievance we filed against the state for violating our contract when they failed to pay state employees contractual wage increases that were due in April 2020.
We expect the state to honor their commitment and we demand FULL RETROACTIVE PAYMENT of those wage increases to all state workers.
CSEA also recognizes the very dire financial position the state is in and has no desire to see state employees laid off or furloughed. Our union will continue to advocate on behalf of all our state workers, who we know have been essential in getting us through this crisis. We will do all in our power to make sure you get your increases.
To allow the state to fulfill their legal obligation to compensate our workforce as promised, we should all take immediate action to push the US Senate to move forward with approving the needed federal stimulus funds to help New York and all states out of this unforeseen crisis. Call and write your US Senators. Tell them to include state and local aid in the final stimulus package. Urge your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Visit our federal campaign landing page for resources, and to take immediate action.