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Summer of Primaries!

New York State will host two primaries this Summer on June 28 and August 23.

Why?  The NYS Court of Appeals ruled State Senate and Congressional redistricting lines unconstitutional and ordered new maps to be drawn.  As a result, their primary was pushed to August 23.  However, the court’s decision did not impact the gubernatorial and assembly primaries still scheduled for June 28.

How To Vote
NYS makes it very convenient to vote, especially during a busy summer.  Below are links to help you out.

June 28 Primary - Gubernatorial and Assembly Candidates
June 3 Last day to register for the June primary
June 13 Last day to request an absentee ballot for the June primary
June 18 – 26 Early voting for the June primary
June 28 Primary Election Day
(last day to postmark an absentee ballot)
August 23 Primary - Congressional and State Senate Candidates
July 29 Last day to register for the August primary
August 8 Last day to request an absentee ballot for the August primary
August 13 Early voting for the August primary
August 23 Primary Election Day
(last day to postmark an absentee ballot) 

CSEA Endorsements
Voting is a personal choice. CSEA simply wants to make sure your voice is heard with your vote.

CSEA has made several endorsements for the upcoming June 28 Primary listed below in our pull-down menu.  Check back regularly as we update our endorsement list,

CSEA Endorsed Statewide Candidates

CSEA endorses Governor Kathy Hochul in the June 28 Primary
Since becoming Governor, Kathy Hochul has made it a top priority to fight for CSEA members and other working people. She has taken action for CSEA members, including:

  • Lifting the state’s hiring freeze to address staffing shortages at state agencies to give relief to overburdened workers and improve service delivery to New Yorkers who rely on these services;
  • Bonuses for eligible direct care and health care workers, as well as elevating starting pay grades for state OMH and OPWDD direct care workers;
  • Unprecedented investments in child care;
  • Positive pension reforms for CSEA members in Tiers 5 and 6;
  • Making roads safer for CSEA highway workers through a pilot program placing speed cameras in work zones;
  • Historic levels of funding for school districts;
  • New funding for SUNY and community colleges;
  • Expanding service credits for all eligible veterans who honorably served.

These measures are a strong start to true, positive change. With your help, we can keep moving in the right direction. Vote for Gov. Kathy Hochul on Primary Day on June 28!

Click on the Region below to view the most recent list of CSEA member-driven endorsements
Region 1 - Long Island Region
Assembly District 6
Phil Ramos
To volunteer for political campaigns contact:
Sue Castle, Region 1 Political Action Coordinator
Region 2 - Metropolitan Region

Assembly District 24
David Weprin

Assembly District 25
Nily Rozic

Assembly District 28
Andrew Hevesi

Assembly District 29
Alicia Hyndman

Assembly District 32
Vivian Cook

Assembly District 33
Clyde Vanel

Assembly District 35
Jeffrion Aubry

Assembly District 38
Jenifer Rajkumar

Assembly District 41
Helene Weinstein

Assembly District 42
Rodneyese Bichotte

Assembly District 46
Mathylde Frontus

Assembly District 49
Peter Abbate

Assembly District 54
Erik Dilan

Assembly District 61
Charles Fall

Assembly District 66
Deborah Glick

Assembly District 68
Eddie Gibbs

Assembly District 70
Inez Dickens

Assembly District 71
Al Taylor

Assembly District 76
Rebecca Seawright

Assembly District 80
Nathalia Fernandez

Assembly District 81
Jeffrey Dinowitz

Assembly District 82
Michael Benedetto

Assembly District 84
Amanda Septimo

Assembly District 87
Karines Reyes

To volunteer for political campaigns contact:
Matt D’Amico, Region 2 Political Action Coordinator
Region 3 - Southern Region

Assembly District  89
Gary Pretlow

Assembly District 92
Tom Abinanti

Assembly District 103
Kevin Cahill

To volunteer for political campaigns contact:
Chris Ludlow, Region 3 Political Action Coordinator
Region 4 - Capital Region


Assembly District 111
Angelo Santabarbara
To volunteer for political campaigns contact:
Bryan Gorman, Region 4 Political Action Coordinator


Region 5 - Central Region


To volunteer for political campaigns contact:
Josh Schick, Region 5 Political Action Coordinator
Region 6 - Western Region


To volunteer for political campaigns contact:
Chris Rackl, Region 6 Political Action Coordinator

Successful School District Election Day!

Elections for school board and annual school budget votes took place May 17th.

The overwhelming majority of school budgets were passed by voters, giving districts the resources they need to provide vital services.  Moreover, below are a list of CSEA endorsed candidates who were successful in their elections to their School Boards.   Thank you to all those members who voted in these important elections! 

Connetquot School District
CSEA endorsed Jaclyn Napolitano-Furno

Miller Place School District
CSEA endorsed Jenna Stingo, Ken Conway, and Jennifer Andersen

Newburgh School District
CSEA endorsed Darren Stridiron, Ryan Lamar, and John Doerre

Oceanside School District
CSEA endorsed Michael D’Ambrosio, Robert Transom and the proposed budget

Saratoga Springs School District
CSEA endorsed John Brueggemann, Natayla Lakhtakia and Dean Kolligian

Shenendehowa School District
CSEA endorsed Deanne Stephenson and Tom Templeton

Warwick Valley School District
CSEA endorsed Keith Parsons

West Hempstead School District
CSEA endorsed CSEA member Karen Brohm

West Seneca School District
CSEA endorsed Ed Bedient and Vincent Vanderlip


Use this link to check.

Use this link to register online to vote.

Use this link for a PDF NYS voter registration form.  

Use this link to request a voter registration form be mailed to you.

For more information call:
1-800-FOR-VOTE (1-800-367-8683).