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The Work Force is the official publication of CSEA Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO. It is published 11 times per year.

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2020 issues

WFFeb2020pg1Read the February 2020 Work Force




WFJan2020pg1Read the January 2020 Work Force




2019 issues

Dec2019Read the December 2019 Work Force




WFNov2019pg1aRead the November 2019 Work Force
Read the Special Tribute to Danny Donohue




WFOct2019pg1Read the October 2019 Work Force




WFSept2019pg1Read the September 2019 Work Force




WFJuly-Aug_pg1Read the July-August 2019 Work Force




WFJune2019pg1Read the June 2019 Work Force




WFMay2019pg1Read the May 2019 Work Force




Work Force April 2019 page 1Read the April 2019 Work Force




WFMarch2019pg1Read the March 2019 Work Force




WFFeb2019Pg1Read the February 2019 Work Force




WFJan19pg1Read the January 2019 Work Force




2018 issues

Work Force December 2018 page 1Read the December 2018 Work Force




Work Force November 2018 page 1Read the November 2018 Work Force




Work Force October 2018 page 1Read the October 2018 Work Force




Work Force September 2018 Page 1

Read the September 2018 Work Force





Read the July-August 2018 Work Force




Work Force June 2018 page 1

Read the June 2018 Work Force




Work Force May 2018 page 1

Read the May 2018 Work Force




Work Force April 2018 page 1

Read the April 2018 Work Force




March 2018 Work Force page 1Read the March 2018 Work Force




WF_Feb18_pg1Read the February 2018 Work Force




Jan2018-pg1Read the January 2018 Work Force




2017 issues

WF-DEc17-pg1Read the December 2017 Work Force




November 2017 Work Force Page 1Read the November 2017 Work Force





Read the October 2017 Work Force





Read the September 2017 Work Force




07-08_2017 Page 1

Read the July-August 2017 Work Force




Read the June 2017 Work Force




06_2017 Page 1

Read the May 2017 Work Force




04_2017 Page 1

Read the April 2017 Work Force




March 2017 Work Force page 1

Read the March 2017 Work Force




Work Force February Cover

Read the February 2017 Work Force




Read the January 2017 Work ForceWork Force January 2017 Cover




2016 issues

Read the December 2016 Work Forcewf_dec2016_page1




Read the November 2016 Work Forcework_force_nov2016_pg1




Read the October 2016 Work ForceWork Force October 2016 Cover page




Read the September 2016 Work ForceWF_Sept2016-pg1




Read the July-August 2016 Work ForceWF_July August Page 1




Read the June 2016 Work ForceWork Force June 2016 Cover




Read the May 2016 Work ForceWF_May2016_pg1




Read the April 2016 Work ForceWork Force April 2016 Cover




Read the March 2016 Work ForceWork Force March 2016 page 1 image




Read the February 2016 Work ForceWork Force Feb 2016 page 1 image




WF_January_2016_page1Read the January 2016 Work Force




2015 issues

Read the December WF_Dec15_page12015 Work Force




Read the November November 2015 Work Force page 1 image2015 Work Force




Read the October Oct_15_WF_thumb2015 Work Force




sept_15_WF_thumbRead the September 2015 Work Force




July_Aug_2015_WF_thumb Read the July-August Work Force




6_2015_thumbRead the June Work Force




May_15_thumbRead the May Work Force




4_2015_thumbRead the April Work Force




march_2015_WF_thumbRead the March Work Force




Feb_15_WF_thumbRead the February Work Force




1_2015_thumbRead the January Work Force




2014 issues

Read the December12_2014_Pg_1_thumb 2014 Work Force




Read the November11_2014_thumb 2014 Work Force




Read the October10_2014 Page 1_Regular 2014 Work Force




Read the Septembersept_14_wf_page_1 2014 Work Force




Read the July/August7_8_2014_thumb 2014 Work Force




Read the June6_2014_thumb 2014 Work Force




5_2014_thumbRead the May 2014 Work Force




April_14_WF_thumbRead the April 2014 Work Force




Read the Marchmarch_14_thumb 2014 Work Force




Read the February 2014 Work Force Feb_14_WF_thumb




Read the January 2014 Work Force jan_14_wf_thumb




2013 issues

Read the Dec. 2013 Work ForceDec_Pg_1



Read the Nov. 2013 Work Forcenov_13_wf_thumb





Read the Oct. 2013 Work ForceOct_13_WF_thumb




Read the September 2013 Work Force




Read the July-August 2013 Work Force





Read the June 2013 Work Force



Read the May 2013 Work Force



Read the April 2013 Work Force



Read the March 2013 Work ForceMarch_WF_thumb




Feb_13_WF_thumbRead the February 2013 Work Force




Read the January 2013 Work Force




2012 issues

Read the December 2012 Work Force




Read the November 2012 Work Force



Read the October 2012 Work Force



Read the September 2012 Work Force



Read the July-August 2012 Work Force



Read the June 2012 Work Force



Read the May 2012 Work Force



Read the April 2012 Work Force



Read the March 2012 Work Force



Read the February 2012 Work Force



Read the January 2012 Work Force




2011 issues

Read the December 2011 Work Force



Read the November 2011 Work Force



Read the October 2011 Work Force



Read the September 2011 Work Force



Read the August 2011 Work Force



july_ book_thumb
Read the July 2011 Work Force



Read the June 2011 Work Force



Read the May 2011 Work Force



Read the April 2011 Work Force



Read the March 2011 Work Force



Read the February 2011 Work Force



Read the January 2011 Work Force



2010 issues

Read the December 2010 Work Force



Read the November 2010 Work Force



Read the October 2010 Work Force



Read the September 2010 Work Force



july_aug_pg_1Read the July-August 2010 Work Force




Read the June 2010 Work Force



May-10-wf-ThumbRead the May 2010 Work Force




Read the April 2010 Work Force




march-10-wf-thumbRead the March 2010 Work Force




feb-10-wf-thumbRead the February 2010 Work Force




Read the January 2010 Work Force jan-10-wf-thumb