Billionaires and corporate CEOs are trying to destroy unions and silence working people.

While their attempts to undermine workers are nothing new, they have reached a new low in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision.

Anti-union groups that are funded by the wealthy have been contacting you at work and at home to try to trick you into giving up your union. Our members haven’t been fooled — we are sticking together and letting our opponents know that we plan to Stay Union, Stay Strong.

While we are standing strong, anti-labor groups and the wealthy people who fund them are not going to stop their efforts to destroy unions.

Our opponents know that labor unions have been one of the biggest factors that has helped build our country’s economy — unions have pulled many of our families out of poverty and union members have formed the core of our country’s middle class.

They also know that unions are the only thing that keep them from becoming more wealthy on the backs of working people.

As we continue to face challenges, we know that our union is staying strong. Even better, there is increased support for unions across the country.

A recent Gallup Poll shows that Americans increasingly view unions positively, with about 62 percent of respondents noting they approve of labor unions. These numbers have steadily climbed since 2009, when approval only total 48 percent.

The same poll shows even more hope, with 65 percent of adults between ages 18-34 — the youngest members of today’s workforce — also approving of unions.

More so, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that union members make an average of $200 more per week than nonunion members, and unionized workers are more likely to have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, paid leave time, retirement plans and workplace protections such as safety and health measures.

This fair return on our work not only allows us to better support our local economies, but strong unions often drive nonunion employers to improve their own pay and benefits.

That’s why we know it’s Better to be Union, not only for ourselves but for all working people.


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