Anti-union groups are trying to trick our members into giving up their rights, but we are sticking together.

We must all do our part to protect our rights and protections. A great way to start is to stay a union member and urge your co-workers who are non-members to join our union.

Our members earn more, have better benefits, more paid time off and more job protections than non-union workers in similar job titles.

Here are few examples of why it’s Better to Be Union (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics):
Higher wages: Union members earn 27 percent more than non-union members.

Health Insurance:
94 percent of union members have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, as opposed to 67 percent of non-union members.

94 percent of union members have access to employer-sponsored pensions as opposed to 66 percent of non-union members.

Paid Time Off:
84 percent of union members have access to paid time off, as opposed to 77 percent of non-union members.

These numbers illustrate what we’ve known for years — that unions provide a path out of poverty.

An Economic Policy Institute study noted that when unions are strong, they often lead to improved pay and benefits for non-union workers, particularly in states with higher union density such as New York. Specifically, non-union employers have often raised their own standards of pay and benefits to attract a qualified workforce.

By sticking together and staying union, we can not only make our union stronger, but lift our communities.


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