Joining together for a safer union


A message from CSEA President Danny Donohue

Nothing in CSEA is more important than your workplace safety and health, but we can’t accomplish much on our own.

That’s why we need to work together to ensure that our employers are making our workplaces as safe as possible for all of us. When we work together, we can accomplish many difficult tasks and overcome many challenges.

One of the best ways to work together toward safer, healthier workplaces is through union safety and health committees on every level of our union.

When you and your union brothers and sisters are facing a potential hazard at your work site, ensure your employer is keeping you safe through a local or unit safety and health committee. In this edition, we tell stories about local and unit committees that are making a difference at their work sites. Whether it’s through speaking up when something isn’t right, building an important dialogue with management or ensuring your employer resolves potential hazards before anyone is harmed, these committees are improving the working conditions of thousands of our members.

An active safety and health committee is one of the most important tools to making sure that we can all do our jobs and return home safely. Committees like this are just another way of proving that when we work together, we can accomplish great, important things.

Safety and health committees are also great ways to build our union. Safety and health affects everyone on the job and we all want to do our jobs safely and be able to return home at the end of our workdays.
Working together at ensuring our jobs are as safe as possible is just another reason we can Never Quit.


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