2013 Long Island Region endorsed candidates

Long Island Region:
Supreme Court (Nassau and Suffolk County): Arthur G. Pitts

Nassau County:
County Court: David P. Sullivan
2nd District: Joy Watson
4th District: Rhonda Erin Fischer

Suffolk County:
Family Court: John Kelly
County Legislature:
1st District: Richard Horowitz
6th District: Chris A. Kelley

Nassau County:
Town of Oyster Bay
Supervisor: John Venditto
Clerk: James Altadonna
Chris Coschignano
Joseph Pinto
Michele Johnson

Town of Hempstead
Supervisor: Kate Murray
Clerk: Nasrin G. Ahmad
District 1: Dorothy Goosby
District 4: Anthony Santino
District 6: Gary Hudes

Town of North Hempstead
Supervisor Judy Bosworth
Clerk: Leslie Gross
Council District 3: Angelo Ferrara

Suffolk County:
Town of Brookhaven
Highway Super: Daniel Losquadro
3rd District: Kathleen Walsh
4th District: Connie Kepert

OCT. 15:  Smithtown Library Budget Vote: Vote YES

2013 Metropolitan Region endorsements

Metropolitan Region:
New York City Mayor: Bill de Blasio

2013 Southern Region endorsed candidates

Southern Region:

Dutchess County:

City of Beacon Council:
At Large – Jerry Landisi
Ward 2 – Charles Kelly
Ward 4 – Louis Amorosa

City of Poughkeepsie Council:
Ward 2 – Joseph Rich
Ward 3 – Robert Mallery
Ward 4 – Nina Boyd
Ward 6 – ShaRon McClinton
Ward 8 – Tracey Hermann

Orange County:

County Executive – Roxanne Donnery
County Clerk – Annie Rabbitt

County Legislature:
District 3 – Harold Ciappa
District 5 – Michele Murphy
District 6 – James Kulisek
District 7 – Myrna Kemnitz
District 10 – Michael Mallon
District 11 – Matt Turnbull
District 12 – Kevin Hines
District 13 – Jack Austin
District 14 – Inga Quaintance
District 15 – Christopher Eachus
District 17 – Mike Anagnostakis
District 19 – Michael Paduch
District 20 – Jeff Berkman
District 21 – Shannon Wong

Rockland County:

County Executive – David Fried
County Clerk – Paul Piperato

Ramapo Town Supervisor – Christopher St. Lawrence
Ramapo Town Council – Patrick Withers
Ramapo Town Council – Yitzchok Ullman
Ramapo Superintendent of Highways – Anthony Sharan

Village of Suffern Mayor – Trish Abato
Village of Suffern Trustee – Lisa Estrin

Clarkstown Town Supervisor – Alex Gromack
Clarkstown Town Council – George Hoehmann
Clarkstown Town Council – Stephanie Hausner
Clarkstown Superintendent of Highways – Dennis Malone

Orangetown Town Clerk – Charlotte Madigan
Orangetown Town Council – Denis Troy
Orangetown Town Council – Tom Diviny

Stony Point Town Supervisor – Geoff Finn
Stony Point Town Council – Jim McDonnell
Stony Point Town Council – Edward Onderdonk

Sullivan County:

Town of Tusten Superintendent of Highways – Glenn Swendsen

Ulster County:

County Clerk – Nina Postupack
County Comptroller – Elliott Auerbach

County Legislature:
District 2 – Robert Aiello
District 3 – Dean Fabiano
District 4 – James Maloney
District 6 – David Donaldson
District 7 – Jeanette Provenzano
District 8 – Carl Belfiglio
District 10 – Gerard Lyons
District 14 – Tim Distel
District 19 – Manna Jo Green
District 21 – Terry Bernardo
District 22 – John Parete

Westchester County:

County Executive – Noam Bramson
County Clerk – Tim Idoni
District Attorney – Janet DiFiore

County Legislature:
District 1 – Duane Jackson
District 2 – Peter Harckham
District 5 – Ben Boykin
District 6 – Mark Jaffe
District 7 – Catherine Parker
District 8 – Alfreda Williams
District 9 – Catherine Borgia
District 10 – Mary Jo Jacobs
District 11 – Stavros Pantelis
District 12 – Mary Jane Shimksy
District 13 – Lyndon Williams
District 14 – Rachelle “Rocky” Richard
District 16 – Ken Jenkins

Yorktown Town Council – Terrence Murphy
Yorktown Superintendent of Highways – Dave Paganelli

Village of Mamaroneck Mayor – Norman Sirlin Roseblum


2013 Capital Region endorsed candidates

Capital Region
Albany County:
County Clerk: Bruce Hidley County Leg. Dist. 14: Alison McLean Lane

Montgomery County:
County Executive: Matthew Ossenfort
County Legislature:
District 3: Roy Diamond
District 5: Terry Bieniek
District 7: Barbara Wheeler
District 8: Vito Greco Amsterdam Alderman Ward 1: Ed Russo

Saratoga County:
County Sheriff: Michael Zurlo
Saratoga Springs Mayor: Joanne Yepsen
Saratoga Springs Supervisor: Peter Martin Malta Supervisor: Cynthia Young

Schenectady County:
County Legislator Dist. 3: Martin Finn
County Legislator Dist. 3: Rory Fluman
County Legislator Dist. 3: Cathy Gatta

2013 Central Region endorsed candidates

Central Region:

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Cayuga County
Auburn City Council: Terry Cuddy
Auburn City Council: Debby McCormick

Chemung County:
Sheriff: Chris Moss

Cortland County:
Cortland County Legislature:
District 12: Richard Nauseef Jr.

Herkimer County:
Herkimer County Legislature:
District 3: Robert Schrader
District 5: Raymond Johnson
District 6: John Stephens
District 16: Richard Souza

Lewis County:
Lewis County Legislature:
District 3: Craig Brennan
District 6: Paul Stanford

Madison County
County Supervisor:
City of Oneida Wards 4,5 & 6: Michael Kaiser
Sheriff: Allen Riley
County Clerk: Ann Jones

Onondaga County
Onondaga County Legislature:
District 4: Carol Sinesi
District 5: Gary Brisson
District 7: Lorene Dadey
District 8: Christopher Ryan
District 9: Peggy Chase
District 11: Maggie Mahoney
District 16: Monica Williams
District 17: Linda Ervin

Town of Dewitt:
Town Councilor: Tony Albanese
Town Councilor: Kerin Rigney

City of Syracuse:
Common Council Dist. 4: Howie Hawkins
Syracuse School Board:
Commissoner of Education:
David Cecile
Barbara Humphrey
Pat Body

Town of Camillus:
Highway Superintendent: James Myers

Otsego County
Board of Rep. Dist. 7: William Glockler
County Treasurer: Edward Keator Jr.

Seneca County
Board of Representatives:
Sup. Seneca Falls: Gregory Lazzaro
Sup. Fayette: Ed Barto

Tompkins County:
County Leg. Dist. 2: Kathy Luz Herrera

2013 Western Region endorsed candidates

Western Region
Chautauqua County:
County Executive: Ron Johnson
Clerk: Lori Cornell
Dist. 3: Billy Couglin
Dist. 4: Janet Keefe
Dist. 5: Susan Baldwin
Dist. 7: Tom DeJoe
Dist. 10: Sharon Liscandro
Dist. 11: Bob Whitney
Dist. 12: Fred Larson
Dist. 18: Ed Carutis

Erie County:
City of Buffalo Mayor: Byron Brown
County Legislature:
District 4: Bill Conrad
District 7: Pat Burke
District 8: Winnie Fisher
District 9: Mike Schraft
District 10: Lauren Grey

Amherst Supervisor: Mark Manna
Hamburg Supervisor: Walter Rooth III
Evans Highway Sup.: Ed Michalski
Lackawanna Ward 2 Council: Anette Iafallo
West Seneca Council: Bill Hanley

Monroe County:
County Legislature
District 17: Joe Morelle Jr.
District 19: Mike Bertolone
Greece Supervisor: Dick Beebe

Orleans County:
County Legislature:
District 2: Linda Rak
District 4: Dave Schult
At Large: Jack Gillman

Steuben County
County Leg. Dist. 2: Hilda Lando

CSEA’s 2013 Endorsed Candidates

CSEA’s endorsement process is member-driven. Union members serving on political action committees interview candidates, review voting records, and determine whether a candidate has our members’ interests in mind, regardless of their political party. Once an endorsement is made, CSEA supports the candidate in a variety of ways. To view CSEA’s 2013 endorsements by region, click on the links below.

Long Island Region candidate endorsements
Metropolitan Region candidate endorsements
Southern Region candidate endorsements
Capital Region candidate endorsements
Central Region candidate endorsements
Western Region candidate endorsements

Federal Issues Report

Week ending September 27, 2013

Headlines include: Stopgap Funding Measure Bounces Between House and Senate; Debt Ceiling Fight Not Far Behind, Immigration Reform: Doors Remain Open, and Secure Rural Schools Funding Secure for the Upcoming Fiscal Year.

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Federal Issues Report

Week Ending September 27, 2013

Stopgap Funding Measure Bounces Between House and Senate; Debt Ceiling Fight Not Far Behind

Today, the Senate passed its stop-gap funding bill, or “continuing resolution” (CR), to keep the federal government running after the fiscal year ends on Monday, September 30. Despite attempts from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in an all-night speech to include language defunding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the CR, the Senate bill (H.J. Res 59) excludes extraneous issues.  It would keep federal funding at the current level of $986.3 billion through November 15 – which is the level set by the across-the-board “sequester” cuts – to avoid a government shutdown while working on a solution to the inadequate sequester funding levels for vital programs and services.

We expect the House to take up the Senate bill no later than early Monday. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has announced that the House is unlikely to pass the Senate bill as is.  We expect some added language to delay implementation of the ACA for one year. Senate Democrats are united in their opposition to including this in the funding bill. Other measures aimed at undermining the ACA are also being considered. It is possible that the House and Senate will pass a one week CR to avert an immediate shutdown while the back and forth continues.  With only days remaining until September 30, government agencies are preparing for a shutdown.

Adding to fiscal uncertainty this fall, the Treasury Department announced this week that the federal government will reach its borrowing limit – or debt ceiling – by October 17.  President Obama has pledged that he will not negotiate any issues with Congress in exchange for winning votes to avoid defaulting on our nation’s debts.  Nevertheless, the House GOP leadership has already drafted a debt limit bill with several harmful policies as the price for enough votes to prevent default.  In the area of tax reform, we expect proposals to lower corporate and individual tax rates and to cap revenues at 19% of the total economy.  These tax changes would result in deep spending cuts across all programs and services.  Some GOP House members are also advocating for entitlement cuts, including expanding means-testing for Medicare recipients and changes to Medicaid provider taxes that would result in an enormous cost-shift to states. This week, 185 House Democrats sent a letter to President Obama stating their support for a debt ceiling extension without extraneous issues.

Immigration Reform: Doors Remain Open

While the House GOP leadership continues to refuse to hold a vote on the Senate’s bipartisan immigration reform bill (S. 744) or any other legislation that would fix our broken immigration system, congressional and grassroots activity continues. Late last week, the bipartisan House working group on immigration reform, known as the gang of seven (G7), officially broke apart. After two of the remaining three Republican members of the G7 left – ostensibly because they did not trust President Obama to enforce any resulting legislation – it became clear that the House GOP leadership did not and would not support the effort, which would have made introduction of their compromise bill a futile exercise.

With that chapter of House members’ efforts to advance comprehensive immigration reform now closed, the remaining members of the G7 as well as other committed House members and the Democratic leadership are intensifying their efforts to get a vote on immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented living in our country. A majority of House members support this outcome but the GOP leadership will not allow a vote.

Supporters of immigration reform are not slowing down efforts to get a bill passed this year. House Democrats are working on legislation that would include most of the provisions in the bipartisan Senate bill, minus the amendment sponsored by Sens. John Hoeven (R-ND) and Bob Corker (R-TN) and adopted on the floor which threw an additional $40 billion at the southern border, which even some GOP House members derided as “border candy.” It would be replaced by the bipartisan border security bill that the House Homeland Security Committee passed unanimously. We expect this comprehensive bill to be introduced in the next two weeks.

In addition to this effort, it is possible that additional piecemeal immigration reform bills will be introduced this fall. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) have been working on The KIDS Act, which would allow some sort of legal status for at least some of the undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. We also understand that Reps. Raul Labrador (R-ID) and Ted Poe (R-TX) are working on a bill that would establish a new low-skilled guest worker program, rejecting the compromise Wvisa program in the Senate bill that was hammered out by the AFL-CIO and U.S. Chamber of Commerce and that protects U.S. and visa workers. No legislative language has been released for either bill.

Secure Rural Schools Funding Secure for the Upcoming Fiscal Year

This week, the House passed H.R. 527 which extends funding for the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) program for one year.  The bill had unanimous, bipartisan support. The Senate already passed an identical bill and President Obama is expected to sign it. AFSCME strongly supported this extension, but will continue to push for reauthorization of the program to provide predictable funding rather than annual extensions.  

This Week in Albany

Week ending September 27, 2013

Article Highlights Mental Health Service Shortcomings

An article in the Wall Street Journal this week highlighted the growing number of mentally ill persons who are incarcerated instead of receiving services in their communities. The article made it clear that the failure of states to provide services for the mentally ill once state institutions close has resulted in prisons becoming de-facto treatment centers.

The Cuomo Administration’s proposals to close State mental health facilities without providing details for a reinvestment in services make these findings especially concerning for New Yorkers. CSEA will continue to warn legislators that the flawed “Regional Centers of Excellence” plan will hurt our communities and those who need mental health services the most.

State Agencies Asked to Submit “Zero Growth” Budgets

The Cuomo Administration has directed State agency heads to submit flat budget proposals for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year and is pushing to hold the State Budget to a two percent increase. The only increased investments would be in education and Medicaid. Governor Cuomo has also made it known that he plans on cutting taxes in an election year but has not provided any details on how the state will pay for it.

State services have already been eroded under Governor Cuomo’s tenure, and denying state agencies proper funding would only continue that downward trend.

Deadline to Avoid Federal Government Shutdown Fast Approaching

House Republicans continue to hold the country hostage as they insist that they will not agree to fund the federal government unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded. If Congress does not reach an agreement on a spending bill before Tuesday, large parts of the federal government will shut down and 800,000 employees could be furloughed.

Local Election Spotlight

This week we head to Western New York and look at the important race for Chautauqua County Executive.