This Week in Albany

Week ending October 27, 2017

Legislative Update

Governor Cuomo acted on 84 bills this week, signing 69 bills and vetoing 15.

Among the bills signed into law was S.1411B – Griffo / A.711B – Gunther, that would provide additional health benefits to volunteer firefighters. Under the new law, volunteer firefighters who contract certain cancers will be eligible for enhanced disability and death benefits effective January 1, 2019.

There are still 185 bills that passed both houses but have not been sent to the Governor’s office, including many of CSEA’s priority bills. Stay tuned for updates on important legislation as they become available.


Federal Budget / Taxes

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed the Senate’s 2018 budget resolution, setting up a fight over Republicans’ efforts to rewrite the tax code.

By passing the resolution, the House allows the Senate to use the process of reconciliation to pass tax reform with only 51 votes instead of the normally required 60 votes. The reconciliation process will also allow the Republican tax plan to increase the deficit by up to $1.5 trillion over the next decade. The tax plan is expected to contain a provision that would eliminate the ability for homeowners to deduct state and local tax payments, including property taxes. If this measure is included, it would raise taxes on every New Yorker who pays property taxes. According to a report by Comptroller DiNapoli, New York taxpayers could lose $72 billion in deductions if this plan moves forward.

Every New York Republican voted no on the measure except for Tom Reed (NY-23) and Chris Collins (NY-27). Had Reed and Collins voted no, the measure would have failed. Instead, the measure passed by a vote of 216-212.

Federal funding is set to expire on December 8th. Legislators will need to reach a spending agreement before then to avoid a government shutdown.


Social Security COLA

The Social Security Administration announced that Social Security recipients will receive a two percent increase in their benefits next year. While this is the largest increase since 2012, the average beneficiary will see only a $25 increase per month.

Roughly one-in-five Americans are impacted by the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).


Election Spotlight – Nassau County

CSEA has endorsed Republican Jack Martins for Nassau County Executive. Click here to learn more about the race and the two candidates vying for an open seat.


Con Con Fact

Unlike the New York State constitution, the United States constitution does not clearly protect against the diminishment of pensions. A New York State constitutional convention could remove the clear and unambiguous protections that go above and beyond those provided for by the federal government.

Celebrate the holiday season at the Festivals of Light

Join your CSEA brothers and sisters at the Long Island Region’s annual Festivals of Light ceremony. All religions and cultural observances, that take place during the holiday season, are celebrated at this event. All are welcome!


Festival of Lights 2017

This Week in Albany

Week ending October 20, 2017

Shared Services Plans

County-wide shared service plans were finalized this week and presented to the public. Thirty-four counties submitted a plan this year, while 23 counties will wait until next year to submit a plan.

Thanks to the hard work and advocacy of CSEA members, the potential negative impacts of this new shared services program were severely blunted in the 2017-18 state budget and throughout the process of developing the plans. As it stands, local services and jobs will be largely protected from misguided attempts to save a few dollars on the backs of workers and the services they provide.


Special Session? Not so Fast

Assembly Democrats were in Albany this week to conference and discuss several outstanding legislative issues.

After the conference, Speaker Carl Heastie cast doubt on the need for a special session this year barring a major policy action by the federal government. Governor Cuomo has been pushing for a special session in recent weeks to address a variety of outstanding issues, from federal healthcare funds to local water infrastructure.

Speaker Heastie also reiterated his opposition to holding a constitutional convention.


Federal Health Care

CSEA President Danny Donohue wrote a letter to the New York Congressional Delegation calling on members of Congress to protect New York patients and providers from damaging health care cuts.

Specifically, President Donohue asked the Congressional delegation to restore reductions to Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payment reductions, fund Affordable Care Act cost-sharing reduction payments, and reauthorize the Health Centers Fund.

The full letter can be found on our website.

Due to the federal DSH cuts, public hospitals throughout the state face significant cuts:

  • Westchester Medical Center is facing a cut of $74 million;
  • Nassau University Medical Center is facing a cut of $56 million;
  • Erie County Medical Center is facing a cut of $29 million; and
  • SUNY hospitals are facing a cut of $174 million.

Congress must work to restore these devastating cuts to public hospital services.



For a full list of CSEA’s endorsements, visit our website.

To find out how you can help this election season, please contact your region’s Political Action Coordinator:


Long Island Region 1:

Sue Castle (631) 462 – 0030

Metropolitan Region 2:

Matthew D’Amico (212) 406 – 2156

Southern Region 3:

Chris Ludlow (845) 831 – 1000

Capital Region 4:

Bill Gustafson (518) 782 – 4400

Central Region 5:

Josh Schick (315) 433 – 0050

Western Region 6:

Chris Rackl (716) 691 – 6555


Election Spotlight – Westchester County

CSEA has endorsed George Latimer for Westchester County Executive. Click here to learn more about that race and the candidates involved.


Con Con Fact

The last constitutional convention wasted millions of dollars and resulted in voters rejecting all proposed amendments.

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2017 CSEA Endorsements

Region 1NassauNassau CountyExecutiveJack Martins
Region 1NassauNassau CountyComptrollerSteve Labriola
Region 1NassauNassau CountyClerkMaureen O'Connell
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 1LegislatorKevan Abrahams
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorSiela Bynoe
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorDenise Ford
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorDebra Mule
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 6LegislatorC. William Gaylor
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 7LegislatorHoward Kopel
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 8LegislatorVincent Muscarella
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 9LegislatorRichard Nicolello
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 10LegislatorEllen Birnbaum
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 11LegislatorDelia DeRiggi-Whitton
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 12LegislatorJames D. Kenney
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 13LegislatorThomas McKevitt
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 14LegislatorLaura M. Schaefer
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 15LegislatorJohn R. Ferretti II
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 16LegislatorArnold Drucker
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 17LegislatorRose Marie Walker
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 18LegislatorJosh Lafazan
Region 1NassauCounty Legislative District 19LegislatorSteven D. Rhoads
Region 1NassauHempstead TownSupervisorAnthony Santino
Region 1NassauHempstead Town1st District CouncilDorothy Goosby
Region 1NassauHempstead Town4th District CouncilAnthony D'Esposito
Region 1NassauHempstead Town6th DistrictDennis Dennue, Sr.
Region 1NassauHempstead TownTown ClerkNasrin Ahmad
Region 1NassauTown of Oyster BaySupervisorJoe Saladino
Region 1NassauTown of Oyster BayCouncil MemberMichelle Johnson
Region 1NassauTown of Oyster BayCouncil MemberLouis Imbroto
Region 1NassauTown of Oyster BayCouncil MemberThomas Hand
Region 1NassauTown of Oyster BayTown ClerkJames Altadonna
Region 1NassauNorth Hempstead TownSupervisorJudi Bosworth
Region 1NassauNorth Hempstead Town3rd District CouncilAngelo Ferrara
Region 1NassauCity of Long BeachCity CouncilJohn Bendo
Region 1NassauCity of Long BeachCity CouncilChumi Diamond
Region 1NassauCity of Long BeachCity CouncilScott Mandel
Region 1NassauNassau CountyCourt JudgeChristopher Quinn
Region 1NassauNassau CountyCourt JudgeJerald S. Carter
Region 1NassauSupreme CourtJusticeWilliam B. Rebolini
Region 1NassauSupreme CourtJusticeRichard Hoffman
Region 1NassauSupreme CourtJusticeArthur M. Diamond
Region 1NassauSupreme CourtJusticeThomas Feinman
Region 1Nassau6th District CourtJusticeVincent Martorana
Region 1NassauDistrict Court 2nd DistrictJusticeAnthony Paradiso
Region 1NassauDistrict Court 2nd DistrictJusticeGary F. Knobel
Region 1NassauNassau County Family CourtJusticeLinda Mejias
Region 1SuffolkSuffolk CountyDistrict AttorneyTim Sini
Region 1SuffolkSuffolk CountySheriffPhil Boyle
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 1LegislatorAl Krupski
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorBridget Fleming
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorRudy Sunderman
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorThomas Muratore
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorKara Hahn
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 6LegislatorSarah Anker
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 7LegislatorRob Calarco
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 8LegislatorBill Lindsay, Jr.
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 9LegislatorMonica Martinez
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 10LegislatorThomas Cilmi
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 11LegislatorJoe McDermott
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 12LegislatorLeslie Kennedy
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 13LegislatorColleen Maher
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 14LegislatorClaire McKeon
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 15LegislatorDuWayne Gregory
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 16LegislatorSusan Berland
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 17LegislatorTom Donnelly
Region 1SuffolkCounty Legislative District 18LegislatorWilliam "Doc" Spencer
Region 1SuffolkHuntington TownSupervisorTracey Edwards
Region 1SuffolkHuntington TownCouncil MemberMark Cuthbertson
Region 1SuffolkHuntington TownCouncil MemberEmily Rogan
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven TownSupervisorEd Romaine
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven Town1st District CouncilValerie Cartwright
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven Town2nd District CouncilJane Bonner
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven Town3rd District CouncilKevin LaValle
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven Town4th District CouncilMichael Loguercio
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven Town5th District CouncilNeil Foley
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven Town6th District CouncilDan Panico
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven TownClerkDonna Lent
Region 1SuffolkBrookhaven TownHighway SuperintendentDan Losquadro
Region 1SuffolkRiverhead TownSupervisorSean Walter
Region 1SuffolkRiverhead TownCouncil MemberJudi Giglio
Region 1SuffolkRiverhead TownCouncil MemberMichele Lynch
Region 1SuffolkRiverhead TownTown AssessorLaverne Tennenberg
Region 1SuffolkSouthampton TownSupervisorJay Schneiderman
Region 1SuffolkSouthampton TownHighway SuperintendentLance Aldrich
Region 1SuffolkSouthampton TownCouncilJulie Lofstad
Region 1SuffolkSouthampton TownCouncilTommy John Schiavoni
Region 2NYCNew York CityMayorBill De Blasio
Region 3DutchessDutchess CountyComptrollerJim Coughlan
Region 3DutchessCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorPamela Kingsley
Region 3DutchessCounty Legislative District 6LegislatorRebecca Edwards
Region 3DutchessCounty Legislative District 11LegislatorJoel Tyner
Region 3DutchessCounty Legislative District 12LegislatorLaurette Giardino
Region 3DutchessCounty Legislative District 16LegislatorJohn Forman
Region 3DutchessCounty Legislative District 18LegislatorJerry Landisi
Region 3OrangeOrange CountyExecutiveSteve Neuhaus
Region 3OrangeOrange CountyDistrict AttorneyDavid Hoovler
Region 3OrangeOrange CountyClerkDeborah Mulqueen
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorPatricia McMillan
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorAnthony Tarsio
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorStephen Hunter
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 7LegislatorMyrna Kemnitz
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 11LegislatorJanette McKay
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 12LegislatorKevin Hines
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 14LegislatorLaurie Tautel
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 15LegislatorSylvia Santiago
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 17LegislatorMike Anagnostakis
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 18LegislatorRoseanne Sullivan
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 19LegislatorMichael Paduch
Region 3OrangeCounty Legislative District 21LegislatorJames O'Donnell
Region 3OrangeMiddletown Council - Ward 2CouncilmemberAndrew Green
Region 3OrangeMiddletown Council - Ward 4CouncilmemberSparrow Tobin
Region 3OrangeMontgomeryTown SupervisorRod Winchell
Region 3OrangeMontgomeryTown ClerkTara Stickles
Region 3OrangeMontgomeryTown CouncilSusan Cockburn
Region 3OrangeMontgomeryTown CouncilDavid Stoudnour
Region 3PutnamCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorAnthony Williams
Region 3PutnamCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorToni Addonizio
Region 3RocklandRockland CountyExecutiveMaureen Porette
Region 3RocklandRockland CountyClerkPaul Piperato
Region 3RocklandClarkstownTown SupervisorMichael Sullivan
Region 3RocklandClarkstownTown ClerkJustin Sweet
Region 3RocklandClarkstownHighway SuperintendentFrank DiZenzo
Region 3RocklandClarkstown Board Ward 1Town BoardFrank Borelli
Region 3RocklandClarkstown Board Ward 2Town BoardDaniel Caprara
Region 3RocklandClarkstown Board Ward 3Town BoardDonald Franchino
Region 3RocklandClarkstown Board Ward 4Town BoardPatrick Carroll
Region 3RocklandOrangetownTown SupervisorThom Kleiner
Region 3RocklandOrangetownTown BoardDennis Troy
Region 3RocklandOrangetownTown BoardTom Diviny
Region 3RocklandRamapoTown SupervisorMichael Specht
Region 3RocklandRamapoHighway SuperintendentFred Brinn
Region 3RocklandRamapoTown CouncilYitzchok Ullman
Region 3RocklandRamapoTown CouncilDavid Wanounou
Region 3RocklandSpring ValleyMayorAlan Simon
Region 3RocklandSuffernVillage CouncilMark Gomes
Region 3RocklandSuffernVillage CouncilPeter Bellin
Region 3SullivanSullivan CountyTreasurerNancy Buck
Region 3SullivanSullivan CountyDistrict AttorneyJim Farrell
Region 3SullivanSullivan CountySheriffMichael Schiff
Region 3UlsterKingston Council - Ward 5CouncilmemberTeryl Mickens
Region 3UlsterKingston Council - Ward 7CouncilmemberPatrick O'Reilly
Region 3UlsterKingston Council - Ward 8CouncilmemberJames Rodden
Region 3UlsterKingston Council - Ward 9CouncilmemberDeb Brown
Region 3UlsterLloydTown SupervisorPaul Hansut
Region 3WestchesterWestchester CountyExecutiveGeorge Latimer
Region 3WestchesterWestchester CountyClerkTim Idoni
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 1LegislatorNancy Vann
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 2LegislatorKitley Covill
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 3LegislatorDaren Tolz
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 5LegislatorBen Boykin
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 6LegislatorNancy Barr
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 7LegislatorCatherine Parker
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 8LegislatorAlfreda Williams
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 9LegislatorCatherine Borgia
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 10LegislatorDamon Maher
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 12LegislatorMary Jane Shimsky
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 13LegislatorLondon Williams
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 14LegislatorGwen Dean
Region 3WestchesterWestchester County - Dist. 15LegislatorRuth Walter
Region 3WestchesterYonkersCity Council PresidentMike Khader
Region 3WestchesterYonkersCity Council - Ward 6Anthony Pagano
Region 3WestchesterYonkersCity Council - Ward 2Corazon Pineda
Region 3WestchesterYonkersCity Council - Ward 4Maeve Scott
Region 3WestchesterYonkersHighway SuperintendentDave Pagnelli
Region 4AlbanyAlbany CountyClerkBruce Hidley
Region 4AlbanyAlbany CityCouncil PresidentChris Higgins
Region 4AlbanyAlbany City District 3CouncilmemberRon Bailey
Region 4AlbanyBerneSupervisorSean Lyons
Region 4AlbanyBerneTown BoardFrank Brady
Region 4AlbanyBerneTown BoardDennis Palow
Region 4AlbanyBerneTown ClerkBill Keal
Region 4AlbanyBerneTax CollectorJoanne Brady
Region 4AlbanyBerneHighway SuperintendentRandy Bashwinger
Region 4AlbanyCoeymansHighway SuperintendentPete DeLuke
Region 4AlbanyColonieSupervisorFrank Mauriello
Region 4AlbanyColonieClerkJulie Gansle
Region 4AlbanyColonieTown BoardMelissa Jeffers Van Dullen
Region 4AlbanyColonieTown BoardMark Mitchell
Region 4AlbanyColonieTown BoardDavid Green
Region 4AlbanyWatervlietCity CouncilAndrew Williams
Region 4ClintonClinton County - Dist. 10LegislatorRobert Hall
Region 4ClintonClinton CountyTreasurerKimberly Davis
Region 4SaratogaCity of Saratoga SpringsMayorMeg Kelly
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 1LegislatorKaren Johnson
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorPhil Fields
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorCathy Gatta
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorGrant Socha
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorRory Fluman
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorRandy Pascarella
Region 4SchenectadyCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorHolly Vellano
Region 4SchenectadySch'tady CityCouncilKaren Zalewski-Wildzunas
Region 4SchenectadySch'tady CityCouncilMarion Porterfield
Region 4SchenectadySch'tady CityCouncilJohn Mootooveren
Region 4SchenectadyGlenvilleTown BoardMichael Aragosa
Region 4SchenectadyGlenvilleTown BoardMichael Godlewski
Region 4SchenectadyGlenvilleHighway SuperintendentRichard LeClair
Region 4SchenectadyNiskayunaSupervisorJoe Landry
Region 4SchenectadyNiskayunaTown BoardDenise Murphy McGraw
Region 4SchenectadyNiskayunaTown BoardJohn Della Ratta
Region 4SchenectadyRotterdamSupervisorSteven Tommasone
Region 4SchenectadyRotterdamTown BoardStephen Signore
Region 4SchenectadyRotterdamTown BoardRachel Rappazzo
Region 5BroomeBinghamtonMayorTarik Abdelazim
Region 5CayugaCounty Legislative District 11LegislatorElane Daly
Region 5CayugaCounty Legislative District 13LegislatorTim Lattimore
Region 5MadisonMadison CountyClerkAnn Jones
Region 5MadisonMadison CountySheriffJohn Ball
Region 5MadisonOneidaCity ChamberlainNancy Andrews
Region 5MadisonOneida Common CouncilCouncilmemberMichael Bowe
Region 5MadisonOneida Common CouncilCouncilmemberJim Chamberlain
Region 5MadisonOneida Common CouncilCouncilmemberAlan Cohen
Region 5MadisonOneida Common CouncilCouncilmemberDonald Moore
Region 5MadisonOneidaMayorLeo Matzke
Region 5OneidaCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorCynthia Rogers-Witt
Region 5OneidaUtica Common CouncilCouncilmemberFrank DiBrango
Region 5OneidaUtica Common CouncilCouncilmemberMichele Mandia
Region 5OneidaUtica Common CouncilCouncilmemberJack LoMedico
Region 5OnondagaCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorPete Ludden
Region 5OnondagaCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorBryan Seamens
Region 5OnondagaCounty Legislative District 6LegislatorMike Plochocki
Region 5OnondagaCounty Legislative District 7LegislatorTom Buckel
Region 5OnondagaCounty Legislative District 8LegislatorChris Ryan
Region 5OnondagaCounty Legislative District 10LegislatorKevin Holmquist
Region 5OnondagaSyracuseMayorJuanita Perez-Williams
Region 5OnondagaSyracuse Common CouncilCouncil PresidentHelen Hudson
Region 5OnondagaSyracuse Common CouncilCouncilmemberEric Graf
Region 5OnondagaSyracuse Common CouncilCouncilmemberAndrea Wandersee
Region 5OnondagaSyracuse Common CouncilCouncilmemberLatoya Allen
Region 5OnondagaSyracuse Common CouncilCouncilmemberFrank Cetera
Region 5OnondagaDewittTown CouncillorKerin Rigney
Region 5OnondagaCamillusHighway SupervisorPatrick Virginia
Region 5OnondagaOnondaga CountyLegislator District 14Stefanie Heath
Region 5OswegoFultonCommon CouncilDennis Merlino
Region 5St. LawrenceMassenaTown SupervisorSteve O'Shaughnessy
Region 5St. LawrenceMassenaTown CouncillorSam Carbone Jr.
Region 6ChautauquaChautauqua CountyExecutiveMike Ferguson
Region 6ChautauquaChautauqua CountyClerkLee Ann Lazarony
Region 6ChautauquaCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorBob Bankowski
Region 6ChautauquaCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorBob Dando
Region 6ChautauquaCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorTerry Niebel
Region 6ChautauquaCounty Legislative District 12LegislatorDavid Reinhardt
Region 6ChautauquaCounty Legislative District 19LegislatorLaurel Adams
Region 6ChautauquaDunkirk Town Council District 1CouncilmemberDon Williams Jr.
Region 6ErieErie CountyClerkMickey Kearns
Region 6ErieErie CountyComptrollerVanessa Gushlevski
Region 6ErieErie CountySheriffTim Howard
Region 6ErieBuffalo CityMayorByron Brown
Region 6ErieCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorApril Baskin
Region 6ErieCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorPeter Savage
Region 6ErieCounty Legislative District 7LegislatorPat Burke
Region 6ErieCounty Legislative District 8LegislatorJohn Bruso
Region 6ErieCounty Legislative District 9LegislatorMike Quinn
Region 6ErieCounty Legislative District 10LegislatorMichelle Schoenenman
Region 6ErieAmherstSupervisorBrian Kulpa
Region 6ErieAmherstTown CouncilJacqui Berger
Region 6ErieEvansTown CouncilMike Schraft
Region 6ErieHamburgTown SupervisorJim Shaw
Region 6ErieHamburgHighway SuperintendentTom Best
Region 6ErieLancasterTown CouncilJohn Abraham Jr.
Region 6ErieLancasterTown CouncilRon Ruffino
Region 6ErieNorth CollinsTown CouncilJames Lint
Region 6ErieNorth CollinsTown CouncilJohn Mrozek
Region 6ErieTonawandaTown CouncilBill Conrad
Region 6MonroeRochesterMayorJames Sheppard
Region 6MonroeMonroe County - Dist. 10LegislatorHoward Maffucci
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 2LegislatorRebecca Wydysh
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 3LegislatorMark Grozio
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 4LegislatorOwen Steed
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 5LegislatorJason Zona
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 6LegislatorDennis Virtuoso
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 7LegislatorAdam Dickey
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 8LegislatorDavid Fingerlow
Region 6NiagaraCounty Legislative District 9LegislatorEd Smolinski
Region 6NiagaraLockport - Ward 2AldermanAnita Mullane
Region 6NiagaraLockport - Ward 4AldermanRoxanne Devine
Region 6NiagaraNorth Tonawanda - At LargeAldermanAustin Tylec
Region 6NiagaraNorth Tonawanda - Ward 3AldermanJoanne Dalporto
Region 6OntarioGeneva Dist. 1 Ward 1 & 2City SupervisorDom Vedora
Region 6OntarioGeneva Dist. 2 Ward 3 & 4City SupervisorLou Guard

CSEA President Danny Donohue to meet with members

CSEA President Danny Donohue will meet with members on Wednesday, November 29 during his annual visit to the Long Island Region. The meetings will be held from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Long Island Region office. Call 631-462-0030 to schedule an appointment.



This Week in Albany

Week ending October 13, 2017

State Agencies Directed to Hold Budgets Flat in 2018-19

In a letter to state agency commissioners made public this week, State Budget Director Robert Mujica directed agencies to submit zero-growth budgets for Fiscal Year 2018-19. This directive continues a multi-year pattern of holding agency budgets flat.

The 2018-19 Executive Budget proposal will be released in early January. It is also possible that the legislature is called back to Albany before January to attempt to address funding shortfalls resulting from federal actions, or the lack thereof.


DiNapoli: Local Governments Needs Billions to Repair Bridges

Comptroller DiNapoli released a report that estimates that local governments need approximately $27.4 billion for needed repairs on bridges they own and maintain.

While local governments own 8,834 of the 17,462 bridges in the state, State support for local bridge maintenance is crucial to ensuring their safety. The pressing needs of our local roads and bridges is yet another reason why spending hundreds of millions of state dollars on a constitutional convention is a waste of taxpayer money.


Con Con Fact

Corporations and other special interests could spend millions of dollars to have their lobbyists elected as delegates to a constitutional convention.



To find out how you can help get out the vote this election day, please contact your region’s Political Action Coordinator:


Long Island Region 1:

Sue Castle (631) 462 – 0030

Metropolitan Region 2:

Matthew D’Amico (212) 406 – 2156

Southern Region 3:

Chris Ludlow (845) 831 – 1000

Capital Region 4:

Bill Gustafson (518) 782 – 4400

Central Region 5:

Josh Schick (315) 433 – 0050

Western Region 6:

Chris Rackl (716) 691 – 6555


President Trump Goes After Obamacare

After multiple bills to “repeal and replace” Obamacare failed in the US Senate, President Trump decided to go after the health care law on his own this week.

The President issued an executive order aimed at “saving the American people from the nightmare of Obamacare.” The main component of the order is allowing trade association health plans to operate across state lines. This could lead younger, healthier policyholders to leave their current plans for bare-bones plans operated under the jurisdiction of states with the least stringent health insurance regulations. If that were to happen, older and sicker policyholders could see their costs skyrocket. In a state like New York, where state insurance regulations have strong protections, the impact could be felt especially hard.

In addition to the executive order, the administration announced that it will immediately discontinue subsidies to health insurance companies that help pay out-of-pocket costs to low-income people. The President had threatened to stop these payments before, but continued them after being warned that the loss of these subsidies could quickly unravel insurance markets.

While the actual impact of these two actions remains to be seen, they undoubtedly inject more uncertainty into the health care system and into New York’s financial outlook.

Registration is open

Registration is now open for the Steward workshop and the Representing Members in Discipline & Interrogation workshop. Classes can fill up quickly so, register now.

Steward November 18 2017-Stony Brook-AV

LGDI November 28-29, 2017-Hicksville-NSF

Top Ten Never Quit Talking Points

At our 107th Annual Meeting, delegates were asked to give us responses they might use if they overheard someone talking about quitting the union.

Here are the top ten responses submitted:

#10 – Do not quit on yourself.

#9 – If you think your benefits suck now, wait until there are none.

#8 – What about your future?

#7 – Why would you quit on a union that will never quit on you?

#6 – Things that look great at first can turn out to be the wrong decision later.

#5 – Your employer doesn’t negotiate a contract because they are nice.  It’s because of our Union!

#4 – How can I help you?

#3 – What is so bad now you would want so much less later?

#2 – We need to chat.  Can you give me 5 minutes of your time?


This Week in Albany

Week ending October 6, 2017

Poll: Support for Con Con Dropping, But Still Would Pass

The latest Siena College Poll shows that while support for a constitutional convention has dropped, registered voters still say that they would vote in favor of holding a constitutional convention by a margin of 44% to 39%.

Support for the convention has dropped significantly since February, when 63% said they would vote yes, while those who said they would vote no has increased from 24% in February.

CSEA members can learn more about what a constitutional convention would mean on our website.


Cuomo Raises Possibility of Special Session

Governor Cuomo has said that he would consider calling a special state legislative session to address funding cuts to two important health care programs – the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) and Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments if Congress does not act to restore funding. Congress is discussing a bill that would extend funding for CHIP and delay, by one year, the scheduled DSH funding cuts but nothing has been passed at this time.

CHIP funding authority lapsed after Congress failed to reauthorize the program before its September 30 expiration. CHIP covers nine million children across the country, including 330,000 low-income children in New York. According to the Governor, New York would lose $1.1 billion in funding if Congress does not act to reauthorize the program.

Hospitals around the state would lose an additional $1.1 billion over the next 18 months if nothing is done to address the cuts to DSH payments, which reimburse hospitals for providing uncompensated care to low income and uninsured New Yorkers. This funding is especially important for public hospitals, including the three SUNY hospitals.

Cuomo has raised the possibility of a special session in December to address these cuts. The 2017-18 State Budget gave the Governor extraordinary powers to address significant federal funding cuts.

Report Shows How Much New York Provides to Federal Government

Comptroller DiNapoli released a report this week that showed that New York sent an estimated $40.9 billion more in tax payments to Washington than it received back in federal spending in 2016. That gap has grown over the past three years, and only three states had a more negative balance of payments.

These numbers are especially staggering as Congress considers amendments to the tax code that would disproportionately harm New Yorkers. If the proposed elimination of the state and local tax deduction is approved, New Yorkers would owe an additional $17.5 billion in federal taxes.

Supreme Court Will Hear Janus v. AFSCME

The US Supreme Court has announced that it will hear the case of Janus v. AFSCME during its current term.

The case is effectively a re-hearing of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, on which the court deadlocked in a 4-4 decision following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

At issue in the case is the ability of public sector labor unions to collect fair share fees. When a union is named the bargaining agent for a group of workers, it has the duty to fairly represent all workers – even if they choose not to join the union. Workers are not required to join the union, but if they choose not to, they must pay a “fair share” fee to cover their share of the costs of collective bargaining. This money cannot be used for political activity by the union.

If the Court rules in favor of Janus in this case, it would overturn 40 years of precedent that has upheld the legality of fair share fees in the public sector. If this happens, it would essentially make “right-to-work” the law of the land nationwide and would allow free riders to enjoy the benefits of a union without contributing their fair share. The case is the latest attempt by big-business backed extremists to decimate the ability of working class people to organize to improve their conditions.

Arguments in the case are expected to be heard this fall, with a decision expected in the spring of 2018. Stay tuned for more information on this case over the coming weeks and months.


Con Con Fact

Voting rights are protected in the state constitution.


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