2020 New York State Health Insurance Program 2020 Plan Rates

For CSEA Active New York State Employees (and Unified Court System Employees)

The state Division of Budget has approved the Empire Plan’s premium rates for the year 2020.The approval of the rates signals the beginning of the option transfer period for state employees.

New York state active employees have until December 31, 2019 to change their health insurance option or submit documentation to participate in the Opt-Out Program for 2020. Enrollees wishing to change options or enroll in the Opt-Out Program should complete the necessary transaction forms and return them to their health benefits administrator no later than December 31, 2019 or change your option online using MyNYSHIP at www.cs.ny.gov/mynyship.

Update for plan year 2020: it is no longer necessary to re-enroll in the Opt-Out program each year. No action is necessary for those State employees who are currently enrolled and continue to qualify for the Opt-Out Program.

If you are changing health insurance options, please see the 2020 rates & deadlines for important dates, including the date your new health insurance option begins and the earliest paycheck in which a deduction change will be made.

Based on payroll deadlines, deduction changes related to an option-change request may be made in a future paycheck and will include adjustments retroactive to the beginning of the plan year.

Enrollees are reminded to review health insurance options carefully and see their health benefits administrator to make any changes or with any questions. Click on the link below to see the 2020 biweekly NYSHIP rates for CSEA active State members. The rate document shows the new 2020 premium as well as the change from 2019.

See the 2020 biweekly NYSHIP rates for active state employees
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