Capital Region Staff

Labor Relations r4hands

Whether it’s negotiating a new contract, enforcing the terms and conditions of your current contract, fighting unfair disciplinary actions or violations of your contract rights, your CSEA officers turn to CSEA’s professional labor relations staff for assistance.

Headed up by Region Director Denise Warren, CSEA has a staff of 13 Labor Relations Specialists (LRS), working out of our region and satellite offices, who work one-on-one with your officers to help mentor, guide and assist them in any and all labor relations needs.

If you have a problem and need the union’s help, call your nearest CSEA officer. Chances are they’ll soon be in touch with your LRS. If you need to speak with your LRS directly, call the region office at (518) 782-4400.

Communications and Media Relations r4press

When CSEA needs to better communicate with the media, the public, or even our own members, assistance is available. Whether it’s helping with Letters-to-the-Editor, fliers, informational pickets, Info Days, newsletters, contract campaigns, press releases, or Capital Region articles for CSEA’s statewide newspaper The Work Force, the Capital Region Communications Specialist, Therese Assalian can assist you.  Contact Therese at the Region Office at (518) 782-4400 or

Health & Safety r4hat

If you have a safety and health issue at your workplace, or want help deciphering the numerous safety laws and regulations that are designed to protect you against harm, then you needn’t look any further than CSEA’s Occupational Safety and Health Specialist.

Your OSH Specialist, Brian Pomeroy, is available to assist Safety & and Health Committees and Local/Unit officers and activists across the region in making sure your work sites are safe. Whether it’s conducting a work site walk-through to assess existing or potential hazards, filing a safety and health complaint with the state Department of Labor, advising the Region Safety & and Health Committee, or conducting training for workers on safety issues, your OSH Specialist, Brian Pomeroy, is the person to contact at the Region Office at (518) 782-4400.

Political Action webflag

As a group of workers organized and working together to better ourselves, we wield some of our greatest power at the ballot box.

Because we are mainly workers who serve the public, our ultimate bosses are almost always elected officials. By participating as fully in the political process as we can, we strengthen the voice we have at work. It only makes sense.

In our Region, all political activities are conducted under the advisement and with the assistance of Political Action Coordinator Bill Gustafson. Bill can help CSEA leaders and activists get involved in the political process in many different ways. From endorsing politicians who will give CSEA a friendly ear, running voter registration drives, advising the Region Political Action Committee, or getting involved in political fights to save jobs or services, or to fight against contracting out our jobs, Bill is the person to get things done.

If you have questions about CSEA Political Action, you can reach Bill at the Region Office at (518) 782-4400.