Next Wave

NextWaveLogoYoung union members are the future of our union. CSEA Next Wave is a community of members dedicated to empowering, activating, and developing leadership among the future generation of union leaders. We respond to issues that affect our members, take an active part in the labor community and ensure that every voice is heard.

Since 2008, an enthusiastic group of young CSEA members have been working alongside seasoned union members to develop this new generation of union activists. Next Wave activists have worked at the grassroots level in the six CSEA regions and at statewide CSEA events to be a voice for young workers and grow young worker involvement in the labor movement.

Interested in getting involved? Contact a member of the Statewide Next Wave Committee.

Long Island Region 1
Guadalupe Johnson
(516) 209-1513


Long Island Region 1
Jarvis "Tim" Brown
(516) 351-9072


Metropolitan Region 2
Maysha Jarrell
(646) 812-0156


Metropolitan Region 2
Bonnie Diaz
(347) 853-5656


Central Region 5
Dustin Young
(315) 269-7578