Current PEOPLE Members

Thank you for becoming a PEOPLE Contributor.  Once you see your first deduction for PEOPLE, go to the AFSCME Website and register for your MVP Rewards.  You earn one point for every dollar you contribute to the program.    This is just another way that we say thank you for being a PEOPLE member.

MVP Rewards.


There’s an exciting new program–PEOPLE CHAMPIONS.  These are higher level contributions that earn you MVP rewards even faster. PEOPLE Champions also receive a pin denoting their Champion status.

  • Become a Bronze PEOPLE Champion for only $250 dollars a year.
  • Become a Silver PEOPLE Champion for $500 a year.
  • Become a Gold PEOPLE Champion for $1,000 a year.

Fill out the application and indicate your new contribution level: PEOPLE Application

Another way you can help the PEOPLE Program is by getting active in your local PEOPLE Committee or becoming a PEOPLE Recruiter.  Contact your region office to get in touch with your Region PEOPLE Chairperson to see how you can help.