Deficit Reduction Leave Information

During negotiations for the 2011-2016 CSEA/NYS Contract, a Deficit Reduction Leave program was negotiated.  The DRL Program reduced employee’s salaries by five days in the 2011-2012 State Fiscal Year and by four days in the 2012-2013 State Fiscal Year.  The current DRL deductions (2012-2013) will stop effective with payroll period 26 of the 2012-2013 payroll cycle.  Employees on the Administrative payroll cycle will have their last DRL deduction from their paychecks dated April 10, 2013 (this is for the 3/13-3/26 payroll period) and for those on the Institution payroll cycle the last check that deductions will be taken is from the April 18, 2013 paycheck (this is for the 3/20-4/2 payroll period).  Please make sure that you utilize all of your DRL time prior to March 31, 2013 or you will forfeit this timeIf you are having difficulties obtaining the time off, please contact your Local representative immediately.

The four days of DRL time will be repaid to employees beginning in State Fiscal Year 2016-2017.  The repayment will be in equal installments over 39 separate payroll periods beginning on March 24, 2016 payroll for the Administrative payroll cycle or March 17, 2016 for employees on the Institution payroll cycle (please remember that the paycheck for this payroll period will occur at a later date due to the lag payroll system).  These payments are going to be based on the actual amount that you forfeited during the 2012-2013 DRL program  If you leave NYS employment after the end of the DRL payments have been taken, prior to the beginning of the repayment or after it has started, you will receive your Deficit Reduction Repayment in the check that contains your vacation liquidation amount and any other funds that are owed to you. Always make sure that New York State has your current address.