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2019 CSEA Annual Delegates Meeting, Verona, NY

CSEA HeadshotsSisters and Brothers,

We hope you will join us for CSEA’s 109th Annual Delegates Meeting from October 21 – 25 at the Turning Stone Conference Center in Verona. This will be another great opportunity for leaders like you to gather, learn, and collectively invest our time and energy into making our union a stronger and better CSEA moving ahead.

Our theme this year is Forever Union. As union leaders, we’ve all made the important commitment to keeping our union strong, because we all recognize the value our union delivers to us and our families. It’s about so much more than not quitting. It’s about actively preserving our union for the future. We need to make sure it’s not just here for us, but for generations to come. We can’t just sit back and rest on our accomplishments or allow our members to take our union for granted. We all have to work hard to keep what we value and believe in.

When we take the time to focus on all we value from our union membership – the protections, the benefits, the opportunity, the security, the safety, the strength, the EMPOWERMENT – and how those values improve our lives, we recognize just how important it is to keep our union strong and to pass it along to future generations. So much of this is about the legacy we leave for our future, and that requires us to stay union strong, not just yesterday, not just today, or tomorrow, but FOREVER.

To do this, we have to learn to be better. We have to continue challenging ourselves and take every opportunity to learn from each other to find new ways to work together in support of our union. We have to learn new strategies and techniques for educating ourselves and our members. We have to not only learn from our history, but teach it to others. We have to strategize together to achieve our future successes. This is why taking these opportunities to educate ourselves is so vitally important. When we learn together, we build a strong foundation for our future.

Please make your plans now to join me and our union family in Verona for a powerful week of strengthening and empowering ourselves and our union. I look forward to seeing you there.