How PEOPLE Works for You

  • Protects your collective bargaining rights, civil service laws and works to stop harmful legislation that attempts to erode the rights and benefits of public employees.
  • Protects the quality and access of health insurance for active and retired members (passed legislation that created a task force to recommend cost-effective strategies for protecting affordable health insurance coverage for retired public employees).
  • Stands up against hostile editorials, anti-labor organizations and holds politicians accountable for their decisions.
  • Fights against demands to give back contractual raises and reopen contracts.
  • Fights against layoffs, consolidation and outsourcing of public services.
  • Maintains a safe and healthy workplace and protects employees from unnecessary harm with the passage of the Workplace Violence Prevention Act.
  • Passed cancer screening legislation.
  • Protects Social Security from privatization.
  • Works to defeat proposals to force school consolidations that jeopardize employee’s jobs.

There are many more issues that your PEOPLE contribution helps CSEA and AFSCME work on.  If you want to be kept up-to-date on what’s going on politically in Albany, subscribe to This Week In Albany, CSEA Political Action Department’s weekly email blast.  There are additional options to get even more detailed information on regional and national political action efforts by CSEA and AFSCME when you sign up. Just click on this link:  Sign Up for This Week In Albany