Become a PEOPLE Recruiter!

Our recruiters are who we rely on to make the PEOPLE Program Strong.  We currently have approximately 90 active recruiters across New York State who are helping to spread the word and have their brothers and sisters in CSEA join the PEOPLE Program.

There are benefits to being a recruiter for CSEA, first and foremost you are helping to educate our membership on important issues that affect their livelihood and that of their families. CSEA members who assist in PEOPLE recruitment will start earning cash rewards. You must sign up a minimum of 25 MVP members to collect the cash rewards. CSEA members who sign up another member to donate to PEOPLE will earn the following:

  • Recruit a member to donate $50 – earn $2
  • Recruit an MVP PEOPLE member to donate $100 – earn $12
  • Earn $12 for having a member increase his or her current membership to the MVP level.
  • Earn $12 for a member increasing to any one of the Champion Levels.

CSEA members are able to accumulate the cash rewards from year to year. Please contact the Statewide PEOPLE Coordinator by email or by phone 1-800-342-4146, Extension 1404.

If you are a current PEOPLE Recruiter, here’s some Information for Current Recruiters