CSEA Central Region 5 News

  • Looking for CSEA teams in the Relay for Life



    CSEA is again partnering with the American Cancer Society, urging our members to fight against cancer by joining or forming CSEA teams to participate in upcoming Relay For Life fundraisers.

    Here is a poster you can download to encourage people to get involved.

    Here is the Relay For Life website where you can find the relay nearest to you.

    CSEA teams are encouraged to reach out to Communications Specialist Mark Kotzin at (315) 433-0050 to publicize their activity.

    Current CSEA teams:


  • Building our Power by facing our challenges



    CSEA Legislative & Political Coordinator Rick Noreault speaks to CSEA Local 647 members working at the NYS Ranger School in Wanakena recently.

    It’s a challenging time for CSEA members: organized wealth is attacking organized workers, trying to take away our power and pick our pockets!

    CSEA staff are available to speak to groups of union members about what these current challenges mean to working women/men and our families, and how we fight back. Challenges such as:

    • The union-busting Supreme Court decision that’s coming this Spring;
    • The vote to call for a Constitutional Convention in NYS;
    • The Governor’s proposed NYS Budget;
    • Growing threats of consolidation/outsourcing/lack of proper funding; and more!


    To schedule a union staff professional to speak at your membership meeting or at a union-sponsored lunch & learn program, please call our Region Office at (800) 559-7975 and ask to speak to Legislative & Political Coordinator Rick Noreault or Communications Specialist Mark Kotzin. Let’s build our power!



  • Video Extra: Watch award-winning activist Don Lynskey discuss union empowerment


    See Central Region activist Don Lynskey, Local 334 president and 2015 Mission Achievement Award winner, talk about union leadership and how our union is stronger when members get involved! (double click on the video to view full screen)

    Read Don’s interview in the February edition of the CSEA Work Force.



  • Video Extra: Challenges of operating NYS’ new “Tow Plows”


    See CSEA Local 528 member Tim Gallivan, a NYS DOT plow operator from Region 5, talk about the challenges of operating New York’s new “Tow Plows,” which allow one operator to clear snow from two lanes of highway and the need for the driving public to be aware that these plows are now being used throughout the state! (double-click on the video to view full screen)

    Read more about the new Tow Plows in this month’s edition of the CSEA Work Force



  • We plunged… we froze… we’re #1!


    CSEA once again had the number one fund-raising team at the Special Olympics Polar Plunge in the Syracuse area!

    Thanks to all our “Polar Peeps” we raised more than $14,000 at this plunge, and donations are still being accepted (please give if you can).

    Here’s a shot of our Peeps in Oneida Lake:



    CSEA also had great results at the Special Olympics Polar Plunges in Massena and Binghamton, raising more than $3,500! Congratulations to our Northern and Southern Peeps!



  • CSEA keeps up fight for public hospital in Massena


    CSEA is not giving up the fight to give residents in the Town of Massena a voice in whether or not they want to give up ownership of their public hospital.

    Despite a recent vote by the Town Council to move forward with privatizing Massena Memorial Hospital…




  • Leadership Education Materials

    Here are some online guidebooks we’ve prepared to assist our leadership:
    (click on image to view or download materials)


    How-to set up your own CSEA worksite Information Day


    Tips for establishing your union’s online presence


    Articles you can copy and paste to use for your CSEA newsletter, website or blog


    Seasonal graphics and articles you can cut and paste to use in your CSEA Newsletter