Strong Communities Work

Strong Communities Work is an initiative designed to educate and inspire New Yorkers to give back. CSEA members recognize and support many remarkable community organizations throughout the state that are working to feed the hungry, aid the sick, and uplift the downtrodden. In an effort to connect those organizations with members (and others) who want to do good in their communities, we have launched a new website that includes:

  • An educational blog, written by community organizations, which discusses the needs of our cities, towns, and neighborhoods and describes how others can get involved.
  • A calendar that highlights upcoming community events such as fundraisers, food drives, volunteer opportunities, charity sporting events, and so much more!
  • A Hometown Heroes feature that recognizes special individuals (members and non-members) across the state going above and beyond in helping to those in need.

Want to get involved? Consider:SCW-Web-Logo


So, why are we doing this? As a union, we believe that our responsibility to care for one another and speak up for human rights extends well beyond the walls of our worksites. We believe the public needs to know the Labor Movement is about more than wages and benefits β€” it’s about fairness, dignity and the forward progress of our society as a whole. And we believe that when we work together, we are stronger β€” whether we are negotiating a contract or helping to improve the lives of others.

Please join our league of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!