This Week in Albany

Week ending July 27, 2018
Legislative Update
Rumors started swirling this week that the State Senate will return to Albany this summer to address the expiration of New York City’s school zone speed cameras. Authority for the cameras to remain active expired for 120 of the 140 locations this week, with the remaining 20 remaining active until the end of August.
The Assembly has already passed legislation to extend authority for the program. The Senate could return and pass that same bill.
At this time, it is unclear if and when the Senate will return.
Election Update
The Primary Election for state and local offices will be held on Thursday, September 13. The election was moved from that Tuesday in honor of September 11.
The deadline to register to vote in the Primary is August 19.
Never Quit Fact of the Week
On July 29, 1982, New York Governor Hugh Carey signed into law the Triborough Amendment to the Taylor Law.
The Triborough Amendment provides that all terms and conditions of an expired public employee contract remain in effect until a new contract is approved. If the expired contract contains conditions for automatic step increases, such increases continue without a new contract.
The Triborough Amendment has come under attack in recent years from anti-union groups and politicians. CSEA continues to fight back against attacks on this fundamental protection that helps public employees avoid hardship when their employers refuse to negotiate in good faith. While also prohibiting strikes, the Triborough Amendment has served the best interests of labor, management, and the people of New York for over thirty years.