This Week in Albany

Week ending February 1, 2019

Legislative Update

The legislature continued its fast-paced session this week, passing the Child Victims Act and gun safety legislation.

The Child Victims Act will extend the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sex abuse to bring civil or criminal cases against their abusers, which could include cases against public and private schools and other institutions. The bill also provides a one-year window for claims of any age to be filed.

The legislature also passed a package of legislation to address gun safety. Included in the package was a bill to prohibit school employees (other than specified security personnel) from carrying firearms on school property, extending the waiting period for gun buyers, banning bump stocks, establishing a municipal gun buyback program, allowing the state to access out-of-state mental health records for persons applying for a gun permit, and a “red-flag” bill that would allow certain persons to seek a court order to remove firearms from a person considered to be a threat to themselves or others.

Additionally, the legislature held budget hearings on the topics of higher education, public protection, and transportation.

At a Glance

CSEA will be testifying at the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Workforce Development on Monday, February 4. A link to CSEA’s full written testimony will be available on our website, and will be included in next week’s “This Week in Albany.”

The legislature will be in session for two days next week, and will hold budget hearings on housing, workforce development, health/Medicaid, education, and mental hygiene. The first round of amendments to the Governor’s budget proposal will come out on February 14.