This Week in Albany

Week ending February 22, 2019

More Information on 30-Day Amendments

In addition to the new proposals covered in last week’s “This Week in Albany,” the 30-day amendments to the Executive Budget included several other proposals of interest to CSEA members.

You can see all of CSEA’s support and oppose memos relating to the Executive Budget proposal on the Legislative & Political Action Department’s website.

Peace Officer Reform: The amended budget proposes to rewrite state law relating to Peace Officer status. The most concerning part of this proposal is a provision that states that persons would only have the powers of a Peace Officer while on duty. CSEA opposes this proposal.

Opioid Tax: Last year’s state budget included a provision to implement a tax on opioid manufacturers and distributers to help fund addiction treatment services. However, a federal judge found the tax to be unconstitutional because of a provision that prohibited the cost from being passed down to consumers. The amended budget proposes a new variation of the tax to address the issues raised by the judge. This proposal would help fund needed treatment services across the state.

Internet Sales Tax: The amended budget would move up the start date of collections of sales taxes from online marketplaces from September 1 to June 1. Many online marketplaces already collect sales taxes, but this proposal would address the taxes that are not currently being collected but should be. CSEA supports this proposal, which will provide the state and local governments with revenues they should already be receiving.

At a Glance

The state legislature returns to Albany next week and will be in session for three days. The Senate and Assembly are expected to release their one-house budget proposals in mid-March, and a final budget agreement is due by April 1.