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Health Benefits Department

The CSEA Health Benefits Department coordinates and oversees all of the union’s negotiated health benefits. The primary goal of the department is to enhance and expand health benefits while containing costs to employers and our members. In addition, the department works to educate our membership in the efficient use of their health care benefits.

The Health Benefits Department acts as a resource for all divisions of CSEA (State, Local Government and Private Sector) by providing direct assistance and support to region and headquarters staff, local and unit officers, and the rank & file membership.

The CSEA-NYS Joint Committee on Health Benefits, pursuant to Article 9 of the State Contract, is primarily responsible for the oversight and administration of the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP). The NYSHIP program includes the Empire Plan and Health Maintenance Organizations located throughout the State of New York.

New York State CSEA Members

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2021 Empire Plan and NYSHIP Rates for State Employees

The NYS Division of Budget has approved the Empire Plan’s premium rates for the year 2021. Approval of Empire Plan rates signals the beginning of the annual Option Transfer Period for New York State employees.


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Local Government CSEA Members

When CSEA members and staff are facing issues related to negotiated health benefits, The Health Benefits Department staff can provide help and guidance.


CSEA Employee Benefit Fund

The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund administers dental and vision benefits, as well as some other benefits, to CSEA members working in state government, the court system, and in some local government bargaining units.