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Conference materials available – click on the name of your workshop

Here is where you can find any content materials our presenters have shared from the workshops and trainings included in the 2022 CSEA Conference on Occupational Safety and Health.

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)
Effective Article 15 Grievances
Getting Ready for Action: Safety Committees that Work
Getting Started - New Officers/Activists and OSH
Handling Suspicious Mail and Packages
Hazard Mapping and Internal Organizing
Mold and Indoor Air Quality
PPE and Hazard Control
Safety and Health and the Aging Workforce
Setting the Record Straight
Understanding Your Rights
Using Communication to Get Activists Involved in Safety and Health
Violence, Bullying or Just Being a Jerk
When to Make the Call: PESH and OSHA
Working Overtime: Overtime and Off Shift’s Effect on Worker Health