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CSEA-represented educational support professionals working in our schools understandably have a lot of questions and concerns about safely returning to schools this fall, while the threat of COVID-19 infection remains for the entire school community.

Recognizing the need to provide guidance and assistance for union members working in our public schools and other educational settings, CSEA’s SAFE@SCHOOL initiative aims to be a one-stop shop for resources devoted to safely reopening schools in the midst of this global pandemic, in addition to other school safety resources.

This initiative is a collaboration between the staff professionals in CSEA’s Occupational Safety and Health Department, the members of our union’s statewide Safety & Health and Schools Committees.



As plans are being made to reopen our school districts in the fall, we will all face a very difficult challenge in safely reopening. School districts have an ethical and legal obligation to reopen safely. School employees, students, their families and the rest of us are all at risk if this isn’t done responsibly. The task to safely reopen is extraordinary and will require each and every one of us to be vigilant so we all remain safe and healthy.

We’re all in this together. We must work closely together with our brothers and sisters in the teacher’s union, as well as parents and students to ensure we do not spread COVID-19. School districts must engage community stakeholders in the development of these plans. We must force these conversations if your district has not involved your union’s leadership team in the development of these vital safety plans.

Now is the time to review and discuss your school’s reopening plan. You should tap into CSEA’s staff resources as needed, including our labor relations staff and the professionals in our Occupational Safety and Health Department, to help identify deficiencies and make recommendations on best practices.

I wish you a safe and healthy school year ahead. Together, we will meet and overcome these challenges.

Mary E. Sullivan
CSEA President

General Resources on COVID-19

CSEA’s Occupational Safety & Health Department has compiled very helpful information dealing with COVID-19 for union members working in all industries, not just schools, and we encourage you to visit our Coronavirus Information Page.